Friday, August 20, 2010


I got this sample of Orofluido at my old hair dresser. She said it's a wonderful product with all kinds of oil and no silicone. I was thrilled to try it. And I did.

It smelled divine and it felt like... silicone. I know the difference between oil and silicone: I used to use Alfaparf Liquid Crystals for my hair but it was all silicone and we know silicone isn't too good for hair. I'm not saying it's bad (or is it?) but it certainly doesn't do any good. Yeah sure, it makes your hair 'oh so soft'... but for how long?

I checked the ingredients immediately after applying and there they were. Two first ingredients. Silicone base. Why, Orofluido? Why!? And there I have another reason for changing my hair dresser (if I don't count her catastrophic work the last time I was there). No silicone, huh? Yeah, right.

I've read a lot of good reviews of this Orofluido ''beauty elixir for hair''. Sure, it smells good and it makes your hair super soft. But I bet the ladies haven't been using it for a while and discovered their ends aren't as healthy anymore. I'm sticking with the cheapest and my favorite product: almond oil. It's actually sold as make-up remover, but if it's good for my face, it must be good for my hair. Cheap and it *works*. =)

Have you tried Orofluido? What do you think about it? And if you haven't: which is your favorite hair serum/treatment?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Imam ga.. in mi je zelo vsec :).
    Se zavedam, da je silikon in ravno zato sem si kupila cistilni sampon.
    In ce ti je frizerka izjavila, da nima silikonov je to zato ker je nek idiot zacel s takimi izjavami.. lol.. :))

    Meni olja ne pomagajo kaj dosti. ;)

  2. Where do you usually buy almond oil? I can't recall ever seeing it for sale but I would love to try it (I love me some oils).

  3. @Tamara: Ma ja, v bistvu se mi popolnoma zameri, ker tudi malo ne pogleda/pozna sestavin. Saj ni treba, da je kemijo študirala... na svoj posel bi se lahko malo bolj spoznala. Meni je bil tudi všeč, super diši, pa laski so po njem mehki, ampak je predrag + silikoni me res motijo.

    @l0verada: I by my almond oil at the local beauty store. It's a Slovenian brand, so I don't think it'll help if I tell you the brand. Check if there is almond oil in the make up removal section in your store.

  4. I was thinking the same thing. Why oh why did you use silicone, Orofluido? It sounds great on the packaging with the three oils, but in the end it's just a silicone product with some good oils and a good smell.

  5. You can buy almond oil at the health food store. I love almonds to eat and as a fragrance. I bought some once and poured in my bath. I was just scooping up water with my hands and rubbing it all over my shoulders and breasts. I looked down and I was nothing but red streaks! For some reason I was allergic to the almond oil. When I used it as a makeup remover my eyes swelled. I can eat almonds but just not pour it on my skin. Weird! I didn't realize silcone was bad for you. I know it's used in skin primers. I don't know if it's in FrizzEase. I just use that every time I wash my hair.

  6. It's hard to find oils without silicone, I'll have to keep an eye out for almond oil. I learned the hard way that silicone based oils suck. Gorgeous when you use them but as soon as you don't... yuck! I'm trying to work silicone out of all my hair products slowly, from shampoo & conditioner to treatments and stylers.

  7. I use a couple drops of jojoba oil in my hair and I love it...I have super dry hair and it really calms it down.

  8. I am sorry that she was super incompetent and did not know truly anything about the product.
    I would recommend trying macadamia oil. It's heavenly on the hair!


  9. I only use the conditionner Rehab from Lush, it is silicone free, I went 95% silicone free on my beauty products recently. It works great, comes in a big packaging. Their solid shampoos rock too.

    Aside from that, argan oil in extreme cases of extremely bad hair battered by the weather. Works on me !

  10. well, no one can really say 'yes' or 'no' to the silicone dillema. It does coat your shaft, and offer protection against heat, and delay the splits, BUT when used excessively, you get 'cone build-up and then your hair starts looking nasty, matte and stuff. STILL: the solution for heat damaged hair is cutting it off, but for silicone build-up it's a rinse with dilluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in water. So considering all of this, I am a definite 'cone user.
    There's this conditioner at Jysk, the brand is 'say yes to carrots'. it contains dimethicone, but it's so down along the list of ingredients that there's barely any in the stuff, and the first ingredients are all various oils and natural extracts- i haven't gotten my hands on it, but it sounds great and it's definitely on my testing list. you can find no-cone conditioners at Garnier. they have one that actually says 'no silicone' and there's also the red one, with argan oil and cranberry juice, for dyed hair, that's cone free as far as i remember-but it doesn't condition too intensively. as for oils, extra virgin olive oil:P pure stuff. cooking. use one drop per half-hair. if your hair looks greasy after it, bun it for the night and it'll look AWESOME in the morning.
    Also, little tip: i mix one part olive oil with about 8 of conditioner, and i haven't had a conditioner work better:D

  11. @FluffSpider: Yep, that's it. But I still think it a ''crime'' to sell something as being nourishing for your hair, when it containes so much silicone. If the oils were written first and then those silicone stuff...then I'd maybe even consider buying it. But not this stuff.

  12. Ni mi všeč, sploh! Sem ga probala pri prijateljici in ni željenega učinka.
    Moj najljubši za konice je John Masters Organics- Hair Pomade in pa navadno kokosovo olje/maslo :)

  13. well, i never trust what they advertise, as a rule of the thumb. looking at the ingredients is far more relevant, and less discouraging. i would probably use the stuff if I were a model, and had my hair heat styled 3 times a day, but otherwise...just screw, atleast you get samples at your old hairdressers...mine probably hates my gut, as she told me i didn't need any conditioner AT ALL, for mid-back length hair with a VERY fine strand. now i've proceeded to making my own treatments and cutting my own hair:))

  14. Hi, this is my first time:) I work with orofluido in my hair saloon and y think it´s wonderfull,i only can say one bad thing, i hate the smell, but leave the hair very shiny an good looking

  15. js pa obožujem Orofluido! diši božansko in po njem imam res krasne lase! je pa res da je nabit s silikoni...btw, men je tut moja frizerka rekla, da je to krasno, da je sam mešanica oljčkov, nič drugega...js sem pa ob prebiranju sestavin samo zavijala z očmi. Od frizerja bi pa res pričakovala, da ve vsaj to, kaj so silikoni

  16. My favourite is coconut oil. And I've read that it is actually able to penetrate the hair shaft.

  17. Thanks for the tip. My friend gave me some sample of that weird Orofluido the other day. I think she got it in Kranj. I wasn't impressed but I thought I should finish the container. I thought at least it was all natural. I am going to just go back to using my coconut oil. The coconut oil smells good, is all natural, and is much cheaper than that Orofluido anyway!

  18. ricinus oil =) it's great for treating brittle hair, helps it to repair and grow faster =)


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