Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rimmel - Shocker

My nails have been naked for the last few days. I can't find the energy to paint them or to find the right color. And I sleep way to much lately. I don't know what's happening to me.

I got this nail polish from Angie and she told me to give it a shot. And I did. I really wanted to love it, but it's so not me. I can wear pink nail polish, as long as it's creme. I mean, hello, I didn't like ChG Strawberry Fields on me...

Rimmel, Shocker, 2 coats

If you like this color, I suggest you get it. The application was so easy and it only needs 2 coats. It's perfect for pink shimmer lovers.

I took all of my piercings out yesterday. I need to clean them and put them back in. It feels so funny to be without them. =)
I got my navel piercing 8 years ago, my nipple piercings 6 years ago and my ear piercing 3 years ago. I'd like some more, but I don't know where I'd put them, 'cause I don't want them on my face.

I love studs and maces (reffering to my navel piercing). =D

I'd never pierce my tongue. I can pierce almost anything else, but I'd never put a piece of jewellery in my tongue. No way. What about you? Which is your ''non piercing'' part of the body?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I could never take out my nipples withouth them just healing immediately, sadly.

    I have my tongue and face pierced, I don't think I could ever pierce my navel (I'm fat so it would look crap on me), or my privates (my piercer is a friend, it was wierd enough getting my boobs out for him).

    The rimmel is rather cute - I might have to get that one!

  2. Hahaha, I've been lemming that one for a long time! Then I stumbled upon the maybelline colorama one, #64, I guess they're pretty much the same. (hm, much check the next time). Well, colorama's a bit cheaper. But still, rimmels are not expensive too =)
    And this colorama was actually somewhat like an alternative to SH- Digital. Not sure if they all are dupes,but all have pretty much the same idea. I think my next amazing hot pink will ONLY be Zoya Kiki! :)
    I just adore your snake "earring"~ Wanted to tell you earlier, but now's the time :)

    I'll never pierce my tongue as well! That's just...yuck. Me no like :D
    I'd pierce my lower lip, but I've settled with a fakie ring. And I love it.

  3. Nipples! Couldn't do nipples, lol. Damn you're brave. I had my bellybutton done, and I have seven holes in my ears, some of which I did myself when I was younger and such a rebel middle If you want another piercing, a friend of mine had a surface piercing done on each of her hips, and it looks awesome. This isn't her, but here's a pic of something like what she has:,120&um=1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=424&ei=d3BdTO_YC8T38AaC7JC2DQ&oei=d3BdTO_YC8T38AaC7JC2DQ&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=22&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0&tx=93&ty=57&biw=1280&bih=640

    And I like that pink, it's a fun shade :)

  4. O, fuck, how will you breastfeed, if you have nipples pierced??!:)

  5. I have a hard time wearing pinks but I'm getting there. I think it looks pretty on you. But I know what you mean.

  6. @Emybloom: I just put the nipple rings back and yes, they heal pretty fast. I had to force it a bit to get it on the other side. :/

    @Daria: Rimmel rocks! You have a fakie piercing on your lower lip? I'd love to see how that looks.

    @Aurora's Nails: I was thinking of getting a surface piercing, but my piercer said there's a big chance my body would reject it.

    @Karmensita: First of all, I'm neither pregnant nor am I thinking of getting pregnant any time soon. ;) And if I decide to have a baby, I just remove the piercings and my nipples will heal completely in a couple of week. I asked my piercer the same question. =)

  7. That may not be your color, but your nails look great as usual.

    I've only got one hole in each ear (done by myself when I was 11 or so) and I think that's enough for me, though who knows what I might decide to do in my old age. :)

  8. Lol, I had a uhhhh interesting piercing for a little while, but ended up taking it out. I think lips/eyebrows are my "oh hell no" piercing sites

  9. Here you are! I hope I can find a couple of better photos, then I'll show you more =)

  10. I bet that Shocker would look GREAT mattified, but I am a fan of pink shimmers (I also own and LOVE ChG Strawberry Fields!).

    That mace jewelry is super cute! I grew up in a relatively conservative family, so I had to wait till I was 16 to get my ears pierced for the first time and then 18 for everything else. I now have 3 piercings per lobe and I removed a cartilage ring I had for 3 years and my belly button ring that I had for 8. My cartilage closed up completely within a month, but my navel has been out for 4 years and I can still get a regular earring post through it (it was a 14 gauge). I have wanted to pierce virtually everything at some point or another, but I agree with Emybloom, my hoohah is OUT.

    One last thing, I follow your blog but haven't gone all the way back through it to see if you've had any other problems with being tired all the time or lacking energy, but as a person that has dealt with the disease for many years, have you considered getting checked for depression? Those are two pretty big symptoms for it my online friend. :)

  11. It's a pretty pink, but...meh.

    I could never pierce my tongue! I'm completely with you on that; I think it's disgusting.

  12. Yummy :) I really like that pink !
    I love these duochromes and scandalous pinks hehe

    I just have ear piercings. My mum hates any kind of piercings or tattoos. So I've refrained from doing them and avoiding greater conflict...

    I find it lovely thought :)

    I love that snake!!

  13. I have a tongue piercing and it's awesome :p. I guess i would never have a nipple piercing... i don't like them on "private" parts.

    Oh and i really liked that color :). But i guess it isn't something new but it would work great as a base for konad :).

  14. I'm more of a tattoo girl than piercings. I've got my ears and my belly done. My no-go zone is below the belt. No way in hell is someone going anywhere near that area with a needle.

  15. I have pierced tongue, lip, ear and nose, had navel and it fell out, I have to lose some weight before deciding to pierce it again, I love all of them and I would like nipple but my nipples are very small (although my boobs aren't) and I can't imagine where would they fit :((

  16. aaaaaaah ... i do love such colors on anyone else. and i think this one suits you - but i really understand what you mean... i hate any very bright pink on my own nails. :/

    my non-piercing-area is "below the belly button" i think. everything down below is a no-go for me (on myself, anyone should do what pleases him/her!).
    meh, reminds me to get back to my full amount of piercings. i had 16, scratched two out while sleeping (my most loved one!), took 2 others out because of some .. odd mood ... blah. ;)

  17. I am old fashioned (or maybe just old) but I only have ear piercings. I thought I was a rebel when I pierced my upper ear. If I was younger I would probably get one of those teeny tiny nose rings. I wouldn't pierce anytthing else.

  18. I would love to get a nipple piercing but I am too scared that something could go wrong. I have lots of ear piercings and a new belling ring. (it's 6th months)

  19. Wow, nice pink, retina burning, but in a good way! Looks nice on you :)

    I'm also really squeamish about tongue piercings, I'd pierce anything, but not tongues, I don't know what it is about it!

    I have several dermal anchors/microdermal implants which give the look of a surface piercing with much less risk of rejection as the two exit point are separate piercings. I've had mine for about 5 years and they look as good as the did when I had they put in. Plus you can screw different beads on them to change the look. :)

  20. Uf, srečka, ki se ji je zacelil nipple piercing :/ Jaz sem ga morala po 1 letu dat ven *šmrk šmrk* Obstaja pa še veliko placev kam dat piercing ;) Kam si ga ne bi dala? Ni enega takega placa, I guess.
    Tale lakec pa imam in je droll!

  21. You are so brave! Love all of the rings. Only ears pierced. I did them myself when I was a teenager. I would never pierce my tongue. Ick! I think of food getting caught up in it. I should pierce my nipples. Then I could hook some rope to them to hold them up!!Big breast don't stay up forever. You may be sleeping more because of depression. That's how my brother is. I'm the opposite. I sometimes get very little sleep. Feel better doll. Love the pink polish. It's nice to feel girly once in awhile.

  22. Pink really looks nice on you. But I know what you mean I'm slooooowly getting there with pinks.
    As for piercings just have my ears done. I've wanted my tongue pierced for so long but never got it done, now I'm too scared. I would never do my nipples nor would I ever have done it.

  23. hmm i agree with you on the pinks & my non-piercing places are my tongue and privates. I currently have 2 on each ear lobe and one helix .. I wanna get the third one on the lobe :) cause definitely dont want to get any on my face either. (btw love the snake, for which piercing is that?)

  24. I would never pierce: Anything except my ears. I have to piercings in my ears and that will probably be enough holes for me.

  25. I don't think I'd ever pierce anything below the belt, solely for the fact that I heard that things can go numb afterwards, and also I'd be mortified to drop trou in front of a piercer.

    One thing I did that I NEVER thought I'd do though, is stretch my ears. I always thought it looked gross, like stretchy little ballsacks on the sides of peoples' heads. I changed my mind after seeing(and buying) the most gorgeous pair of blue dichroic glass plugs though. I started from a 14g back in February & I'm currently hovering between a 0 & a 00.

    I've had my nipples & navel done too, but the navel & one nip rejected, and I ended up taking the other one out just because I couldn't stand the asymmetry. I wanna get them done again but DAMN the nips hurt SO bad. I don't have the courage to do it again :(

    I may just have to go get wasted & do it again though, I miss 'em. I won't do my navel again though, I gained about 30 lbs since I had it pierced & I don't ever plan on showing my stomach in public.

  26. Very juicy summery nail color! Looks pretty on your hands!

  27. Love the pink color and your mace jewelry!

    My no pierce zones are anything near my mouth (the bacteria in a persons mouth is some of the worst in the whole body), my belly button (takes too long to heal), and my nipples (it would just be way too painful).

  28. Hi! You have a such an amazing blog! I love all the nail designs you've done! Great inspiration!

    The Pursuit of Truth & Beauty

  29. I love piercings, and my piercing is ...well ...let's just say its below the belly button :)

    Nothing is numb, and everything healed super fast in 6 - 8 weeks!

    I love your piercings and I love the pink.

    Email me if you want to know more ;)

  30. Hey hun!

    Haven't seen a post in few days. I hope you are doing okay.



  31. My no-go areas are definitely below the belt, tongue and nipples. I like them how they come naturally, but everything else, sure, pierce it. I only have 6 piercings all in my ears.

  32. a nose ring might suit you =) oooh, did the nipple piercings hurt? I wanted to do them some time ago but was too afraid... and I'm going to get my tongue pierced as soon as summer ends ^^

  33. @Nanethiel: Eh, my nose looks like an aeroplane hangar. XD Don't want to attract the attention with a nose ring. Nipple piercings did hurt... it would be weird if they didn't. But it's so worth it. To be completely honest, I enjoyed the pain. I almost passed out of sickness a couple of times while cleaning the piercings... it hurts, yes. But don't let that stop you. It's the best feeling in the world. ;D

  34. eeeek, that sounds horrifying O.o I don't know, I think I'll stick to my tongue piercing idea =)
    and please, your nose looks nothing like an aeroplane hangar... you should see mine before you judge yourself yo harshly =P ;)


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