Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

More unwanted dreams.

I really do feel like screaming.


  1. Deep Purple <3
    The music of my childhood and forever with me.
    I know how you feel, Sasha. I hope you'll feel better soon. xo

  2. Hehehe, kakšna kul slikica od mačke :)

  3. @Daria: Thank you!

    @Dominique: Not totally. But I'll be OK. Thanks for asking.

    @Ana: Mačke sicer ne znajo kričat, tale je zehala, ampak učinek je vseeno pravšnji.

  4. i hope u doing fine... sending u lots of BIG HUG!!

  5. I completely understand... Right now I feel like disappearing. Remember that time when everything was going wrong with you? My turn now! And, my cat is sick too...great huh?

    Hope you feel better soon Nihrida.

  6. Ljubim Deep Purple. :) Res je, da so že stare sablje, ampak koncert v Križankah je bil nepozaben!

  7. @Thriszha: Thank you, hun!

    @Sarah B.: Oh no! I hope you'll feel better soon and your cat too. Is it serious?
    And thank you for your support!

    @Ioewe: Jaz v bistvu poslušam samo njihov Made in Japan album + tole pesem. Pa še to mi prinaša na plan stare, boleče spomine. Raje nisem šla na koncert...verjamem pa da so bili odlični.

  8. Not too serious, but she has to undergo surgery...and she is 9 years old. So I get very worried something may go wrong.
    The procedure is going to be this friday.
    I have my heart on my hand right now...

  9. (((hugs))) and positive thoughts/energy headed your way

  10. Deep Purple...ahhhh, those early jr. high days and listening to them in the summer time. Wow...that's going back. And I didn't even know what it meant to have a day when you felt like screaming. lol

  11. Cute cat! 8) Gaia?

    Deep Purlple FTW!

  12. @Sarah B: I hope the operation was successful! (((hugs)))

    @Kate: Thank you!

    @Kimberly: I guess they bring back memories for everyone. =) Good and bad.

    @Fredrik: No, that's Aishila. ;)


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