Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Know It: 3 Tone Blue

I'm feeling kind of blue, so these lenses from You Know It are just perfect for a day like this. I'm not sure if these lenses are by EDIT or Funky Eyes: I ''ordered'' the EDIT ones, but I got these in Funky Eyes box. Still these look more like EDIT ones... I'm confused. The most important thing is that I got what I wanted, right? And I wanted 3 Tone Blue lenses.

I like these a bit more than I do my previous, Witches Eye ones. They're 3 toned and they look more natural because of that. It's still pretty obvious that I'm wearing contacts, but I don't mind because these are *gorgeous*.

These lenses are pretty comfortable and easy to use. Now tell me, who wouldn't want eye color like this? I love it! I haven't worn them in public yet, but that's just because I didn't go anywhere. I most certainly will wear them someday (they have a 90 days life span) and I'll let you know when I do.

Here's a lens up close:

If you want to change your eye color all you have to do is visit the You Know It website and choose between a large number of lenses in all colors and styles. They cost from 10.99 € for pair and from 7.69 € for a single lens. Shipping is super fast and free worldwide and their customer service is just the best.

What do you think about these? Yay or nay? Let me know.

You can see my natural eye color HERE. The polish I'm wearing is Sally Hansen Fairy Teal (not really color accurate, but the lenses are) and Essence Spot On (on second and last photo).

Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh those things are cool! I got a chill looking at your pics.

  2. wow you are so gorgeous! =)
    love it!

  3. I think they look beautiful on you!

  4. Ooh! It's so intense and gorgeous!

  5. O, groza! Izgleda zelo umetno, jaz bi se pa ustrašila tvojega pogleda s temi lečami...odsvetujem, da greš z njimi ven. Moje mnenje.

  6. Dobrodosla v circle lenses manijo ;)

  7. Tretja fotka zmaga.:) Sicer sama nosim leče, ampak me prav nič ne vleče, da bi nosila barvne.

  8. Wow.. Pics 3 and 5 are absolutely amazing!

  9. do you need a Rx? are they one size fits all? TY

  10. The intensity is THERE. No doubt you have beautiful eyes. :)

  11. The contrast of your dark hair and those blue lenses is beautiful! You look so gorgeous.

  12. These lenses look so cool on you! I wish I didn't have to wear lenses in order to see, I would have gotten sooo many different colored lenses! :D

  13. Krasne so! Pa pašejo ti! :) Joj jst bi mela pa takoj take temne rjave očke, sam kako bi pa zgledala s takimi je pa tud vprašanje. :P

  14. they look cool, but I think your natural eye colour is way more beautiful :)

  15. aww thank you so much for sending me your links.
    i have a dilemma: i like them in the 3rd photo, but not in the 5th.
    they are so much more natural than mine!!
    well, as natural as something this bright can be.
    really fancy finding the green alternative to these now :)
    thank you so much
    liloo xx

  16. I love your blue nail paint . Which one is it ....?
    Amazing colour


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