Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Know It: Witches Eye

I have something special for you today. I got the chance to review contact lenses from You Know It.

I've always wanted to try colored contact lenses, but I was to afraid of scratching my eyes out. =) Yeah, I have a weird phobia when it comes to my eyes. This is the main reason why I was so overwhelmed when I managed to put in my very first contact lense...

Here's what I got: 2 glass vials with contact lense in each and instructions in a nice (and very colorful) little box. These lenses are called Witches Eye by Funky Eyes.

Both my BF and my sister wear corrective contact lenses occasionally so I asked them for tips how to insert these babies. Well, it's not hard and there's also a 'How to' section on the You Know It website. A couple of minutes and voila... I managed to go from natural to Witches Eye! =) Of course, I had to add some make up (this could be useful for new users: you do your make up after you put your lenses in). ;D

I certainly wouldn't suggest these lenses for everyday wear, but they'd be perfect for Halloween or photo-shootings. I've never worn lenses before, so I can't compare them to other lenses, but I have to say these are quite comfortable. My eyes didn't get teary, it didn't hurt or burn. I really like the outcome, although it's a bit scary. But that's perfect for Halloween, no? =)

EDIT: I forgot about the polish. *blushes* I'm wearing Sally Hansen Fairy Teal topped with Essence Glisten Up.

I did a look with one lense only, because the other was torn (see the photo below). I contacted You Know It and they said it happens that some lenses get through the quality control, but don't worry if this happens to you - just take a photo of the sealed glass vial with the torn lense and you'll get a new one free of charge. I don't think it will happen anyway. I must have been very ''lucky'' to get a torn one. =)

So, if I could do it, you can do it too. If you're like me and want to try contact lenses but are afraid - don't be. It's really nothing scary (although you have to touch your eyes). You just make sure that you carefully read and follow the instructions.

Also: if you're a begginer like me and want to give it a go, you'll need three things - contact lenses, contact lens solution and contact lens storage case. That's it.

Hope this was at least half as fun for you as it was for me. And I have another lenses to show you...

*Product was sent to me by You Know It. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. A great review. Ive been dieing to try special lenses like circle lenses or something to make my eyes light light blue. I never did try them because I'm kind of worried about hurting my eyes and the ones I really liked I couldn't get in a perscription.

  2. Ej super so! Meni zacuda izgledajo zelo naravno :o

  3. Very fun and crazy cute. I want to use funky lenses, however, my current contact prescription is so high, and since I also have astigmatism, I can't really get funky lenses because they don't cater to people with crazy bad eyes like me. >.<


  4. Wow, that looks awesome! I have never put in contacts but I would love to have a different eye color for a day.

  5. Don't forget that proper cleaning techniques must be used or you can get a serious infection. Wash your hands and wash your lenses all the time!

    This has been a public service announcement. :P

  6. Love love love these! You can seriously rock them, too!

  7. Woah, those look almost natural! Awesome... makes me want a pair hehe

  8. Really neat! I'm with Lady C. I have to wear corrective lenses. I guess I could wear my glasses with funky lenses?? LOL.

  9. what color are your eyes naturally? i know people with light eyes have an easier time of getting colored contacts to look natural

  10. That lens colour is great :D Suits you too and I don't think it looks scary at all :)

  11. @Lauren E: I wouldn't worry about hurting your eyes... if you follow the instructions it'll be OK. =)

    @Tamara: So moje prve leče in meni ne delujejo naravno. Pa v živo je malo drugače. =)

    @Lady C.: That's too bad... Well, if you ever get a laser surgery to correct your vision, then you can wear crazy lenses all the time. ;)

    @Asami: It's quite interesting to see how it changes your whole appearance. Fun too!

    @Skulda: Yep, that's written in the instructions. And I have to say - washing hands with water + soap and washing lenses with lense solution (not water!). ;)

    @Aurora: Thank you!

    @Milan and Vanaily: Almost. =D

    @Liz: Glasses and funky lenses would work, yes. =D

    @Ariana: Right above my first photo with lenses I posted a link to my natural eye color. Just click on it (on a word natural). They're green.

    @Sabrina: I'm wearing Sally Hansen Fairy Teal + Essence Glisten Up.

  12. These look badass! I love them but I would be scared to put them in.

  13. wow!

    You're such a pretty girl! And those lenses suit you very good! They almost look natural :)
    I'm dying to see the other lenses :D

  14. I've been freaked out to first try my lenses too =)
    But now I'm used and it's a great alternative to the glasses. Still, almost every single lens I owned was decorative and corrective aswell. I love the toning(?) ones, like high time 55 or some 2xjohnsons
    These look awesome! Love the effect.

  15. Those contacts looks so cool! Love the look!

  16. OOohhhhh!!!! These look COOL! I used to wear contacts before Lasik. So transitioning back shouldn't be hard. But I just can't land on which style.

    I have to know: did you wear these out in public and what was the responses?

  17. I've never worn contacts. I have allergies and my eyes water sometimes. I used to work in a dusty place so I never could wear them. That shade looks beautiful on you. With your hair dark and your eyes light the effect is stunning. Gorgeous sweetie, not scary at all.


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