Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catrice - Expect the Unexpected

Catrice has a new trend edition out called Expect the Unexpected. Here are the nail lacquers.
From L to R: Spruced Up, Looking Greyt, Purposely Purple and Crispy Crimson.

I'm dying to get my hands on the first three (green, grey, purple) and if anyone can help, please let me know (thinking especially of Slovenian ladies).

Thanks for looking!


  1. OMG those are some fab colors... now im wishing I could get my hands on them as well.

  2. I was just going to post the same thing!!! Too bad its not available in Dubai. huhuhu!!

  3. Those are awesome colors! I don't usually go for grey, but I like that one.

  4. Love the first three as well. I wish these were available in the US.

  5. WooooW! Čudoviti so! Hočem vse!!!! A so v Sloveniji tud na vljo LE?

  6. I'll drive tomorrow to Müller Drogerie where they have Catrice. I also want something from this nice LE, so I'll look also for the polishes. Maybe the luck is on your side, so keep your fingers crossed. :-)

    Best wishes from an Croatian girl living in Germany

  7. Oh my god these colors are gorgeous!!!!

  8. OOohh that Spruced up, i saw a pic of it is sooo nice

  9. These are great! Wanting the purple most!


  10. I have the first one and it it GORGEOUS!

  11. Love that green! Hope you find what you want.

  12. Hi Nihrida,

    I can try to get them for you, I live in the Netherlands. Got all the colors myself already, they're gorgeous! Please send me an e-mail if you want me to buy them for you.

    Regards, Linda


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