Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Be a Fool

I'm no chemist, but I do know a few things... I also know there is no such thing as a natural nail polish. I was reminded of A Beautiful Life polishes again when I saw them on another nail polish blog. And I couldn't see past that ''natural'' writing on the label. And I wanted to check it out. But guess what: there is no ingredient list on their website. Not anymore, but there used to be.

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If you're interested, read this post (ingredients included):
Another instance of greenwashing? A Beautiful Life “All Natural” Nail Lacquers

If nail polish doesn't contain Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde, that doesn't neccessarily mean it's natural.

And about their soy based polish remover... Here are the ingredients (taken from their website):
Cocomide Dea (a biodegradable surfacent), Natural Soybean Esters, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils.

Yeah, very nice. Here you can read a little something about Cocomide Dea and it's ''oh, so safe'' features:
- Skin Deep cosmetic safety database
- Cocamide DEA linked to cancer and miscarriages

Now, I'm not trying to say you will get cancer or other vicious diseases if you'll use this products. I'm not even saying I wouldn't buy them, I'm just trying to say that there's too many companies out there that are trying to fool us. But maybe that's just me.

Were you ever 'taken for a ride'? Did you ever buy something that was supposed to be natual, organic or bio and you found out it wasn't? Let me know what you think about this.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Thanks for the links and the information. It really annoys me when companies just lie and pretend that they have created some miracle thing but in reality they've just cheated.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I cannot stand to see that whole "we're all natural" crap on products that clearly can't be.

  3. I'm always skeptical when I see the word "natural" on a product. It seems that even 0.5 ml of some herbal extract is enough to pronounce a "natural" product. The manufacturers of cosmetics obviously think we're stupid. Best thing to do is to learn a bit about ingredients, is a good place to start.

  4. @Lolitadewdrop: You're welcome! I wouldn't say they're cheating, but I just can't believe in all natural nail polish. That's it. And they're claiming that their nail polish doesn't have any dangerous chemicals (by this they mean their nail polishes are big 3 free). So what? You know how many polishes don't contain those ingredients. Here in EU they're banned anyway, so...

    @L: You're welcome!

    @Blu11: Exactly! ;)

  5. Ive been reading a blog called beauty and the bullshit.... lots of companies can get away with this stuff. Yay for false advertising and gimmics. Anything for a buck really. I dont like being hog-washed anymore than the next guy. If only more people could be clued in about what is really in our beauty products.

    Im rambling now... sorry.

  6. Not a cosmetic thing, but a similar story. I've got life-threatening allergies to artificial fruit scents. My airways close up, my tongue swells, I need an injection, it's a load of laughs.

    A while back I was visiting my best friend, and his wife went out of her way to get some scented candles that were labeled as All-Natural and Organic for their house for dinner one night, just to make sure they were safe. I walked in and immediately started gasping and coughing. I was alright in the end, I got out of there and got some medication in time, but it just goes to show that many industries are disingenuous about their labeling processes.

  7. @Mistress Zombie: No, you're not rambling at all. But that's just how it is, right? We need to educate ourselves.

    @Diane: Now, that's even worse. When you have an allergy like that and you pay extra for a product that's not gonna make you ill and it still does... Sorry, but that's a criminal.

  8. Honestly, I don't really trust the Cosmetic database, it seems like such a scaremongering website. To an extent everything is hazardous at large doses which doesn't mean it's not safe as smaller doses. I do scoff at the claim of "natural" nail polish but the sources I'm just eh about.

  9. Information is power. Seriously. If you want something that truely natural, you need to do your homework. I think a lot of companies rely on the fact that a lot of people just buy based on the claim that a product is "natural". As with everything, you have do to some of the leg work yourself. If you don't do the research, you can't blame the company if you later found out that their not quite as "natural" as they claim.

  10. @Mai: I know it's all about the quantity with these so called harmful ingredients and even scientist wouldn't agree on everything being harmful or not. I was just trying to emphasise it, because they claim their products are natural.

  11. Idk if this was about my post, but piggypaint clearly posts their ingredients on their site.
    I personally like the idea of a water-based polish for little ones. Some children suck their thumbs well beyond babyhood

  12. I'm glad you posted it; it's great to think you're using an all natural nail polish, but that's not very realistic. You have to be smart and actually know what these ingredients are...I'm not a chemist either, but I don't let fancy scientific names that have the word "soy" in them or something fool me. I definitely appreciate polish companies trying to use safer ingredients, but it's just that: safer ingredients.

    I recently reviewed organic nail polish and I made sure to note that it was 95% organic and list all the ingredients. I will give G2 Organics company credit in that they are also not shy about listing their ingredients right away.

    Great post :)

  13. Thanks Nihrida! They sent me some polishes to review so I'm going to keep that in mind when I'm checking them out. <3

  14. There isn't any way on God's Earth that nail polish can be natural. It's very annoying to me that adding a "natural" ingredient makes it so. Very good idea to always read ingredients or check somewhere further. The company probably charges extra just for the "natural" additivies.

  15. Hey Nihrida! Excellent post. It really makes me happy to see people calling out these companies for their silly marketing claims.

    It's so important to remember that the term "natural" just means something that occurs in nature. Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's safe or good for you. There are countless poisonous substances that will kill you even though they're completely natural.

    Secondly, the term "organic" gets thrown around all the time. Marketers are hoping we'll interpret that word to mean something pure and groovy and all that. However, "organic" simply refers to any substance that contains carbon. Tar is perfectly organic AND natural but it's not like we'd consider it healthy and safe!

    Love your blog, keep up the great work. =)

  16. That polish was marketed over here as organic.I think it took a week or so, and the store had to re-market it as natural. I'm sure it's soon to lose it's natural label as well.

    However, natural is a word that sells. Not only do we seem to forget that not all things in nature are good for us, but we tend to forget to look at the ingredientlist whenever that word is used. Hey, ecen mercury is natural too...

  17. @nihrida Yeah I'm definitely skeptical about the idea of any of this being "natural" or somehow better than the other nonnatural companies which is how I'm interpreting their "natural" claim


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