Thursday, September 30, 2010

Essence - Deep Blue Sea VS China Glaze - Up All Night

Pif and Lyra wanted to know about Essence Deep Blue Sea and China Glaze Up All Night. I already made a dark blue shimmer comparison back in June, but here they are anyway.

1 coat of each:

2 coats of each.

China Glaze is darker. It looks almost black in low light. Essence on the other hand has a very visible shimmer and you can see it's blue even when you're indoors. Essence is also a lot glossier than China Glaze, so I'd have to say Deep Blue Sea wins this battle.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hm...I'm not sure, but I think I like Deep Blue Sea better, too.

  2. Hvala za primerjavo :) Zdaj vem da RES ne rabim še enega CG laka ;)

  3. Oba sta super, vendar je tudi meni Deep blue sea bolj všeč=)

  4. Both polishes looks awesome! But the Deep Blue Sea one is something unique! Gorgeous color!

  5. Deep blue sea is such a beautiful color

  6. ok, vidim da china glaze ni nujen če mam essence :D najlepša hvala :)

  7. nice comparison! I think I'll go with Deep Blue Sea too, around here is Essence really cheap!

  8. They're both winners to mine. I love a deep blue. They look fantastic on you. Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  9. Deep Blue Sea is the one I'd go for as well. But they're both beautiful!


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