Wednesday, September 1, 2010

@ my BF's

Hello, people! Did you miss me? =)

I have a sh*tload of photos for you. Let's start with the flowers, shall we? My BF's grandma has a LOT of flowers in her garden. And she doesn't know/can't remember their names. So I had to find the names of genera myself. I'm not sure about the exact species though.

First of all, here's Anemone which means 'daughter of the wind' in greek (according to Wikipedia).

Another Anemone.

Aster and an unknown flying ''object''. Aster is a greek word for 'star'.

Aster and Callimorpha quadripunctaria. In Slovenia we call this butterfly species 'Striped Teddy Bear' or 'Russian Teddy Bear'. He's got pretty red wings underneath the stiped ones, but didn't want to show himself in full glory.

Dahlia is a national flower of Mexico and it was used by Aztecs for food, ceremonies and decorative purposes.

This Dahlia is definitely my favorite. It's gorgeous.

A bee on a sedum (stonecrops).


Rudbeckia or Black-eyed Susan is a Native American sacred plant known for it's healing powers.


Which is your favorite?

Thanks for looking!


  1. AHHHHHHHH! THE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! they are so cuteeeee! i wanna nose kiss them!

  2. I missed ya :D I'm finally back myself was MIA for a few months. I have Clematis,Rudbeckia and Dahlia's in my garden also. The first Dahlia is beautiful.

  3. Of course I missed you! :DD I love your flower pics, so colourful and beautiful...

  4. My favourite is the Dahlia too but all your photos are beautiful.

  5. Awesome pics, and glad you're back :-)

  6. just love all these flowers! <3

  7. your photography skills!! amazing!!

  8. The Dahlias are my favorite - hands down! But the others are so pretty, too. I'd love to have all that pretty color in my yard.

  9. Wonderfull! I love A bee on a sedum :)

  10. OMG these photos are gorgeous. I wish I could take pics like that.

  11. Missed you tons! My favorite was the flower below your favorite. You've taken some beautiful photos. Thank you.

  12. Gorgeous :)
    I love flowers <3
    I love Delphinum for its color and Dahlia for the way it looks.

  13. Yes! Missed you lots!


  14. Wow I love flowers! Your post has inspired me to start my own flower garden :)


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