Monday, September 13, 2010

Purple Comparison

Mickellerocks said:
''This color reminds me a lot of the one I am currently wearing, Orly's Velvet Rope. Any chance you could do a comparison swatch?''

She was talking about the Love Bites Purple Haze nail polish. I'm afraid I'll have to say: they're completely different. LB is shimmery blue-ish based purple and Velvet Rope is red-ish purple with silver glitter. But they are the warmest of this bunch:

Here they are on my nails in the same order, starting with P2 Rebel on the pointer, Love Bites on the middle finger, Orly on my ring finger and China Glaze on pinkie. Sorry about the tipwear on my middle nail. I was doing the dishes. =)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for looking!


  1. great ploishes =)
    i've got p2 rebel ^^

  2. OMG the name is so cute and I love the color, where did you buy this beauty?

  3. Great comparison! I love the one from China Glaze the best, I think. Love purple :)

  4. Velvet Rope is just gorgeous! Thank for the comparisons. They're always so helpful.

  5. Lovely purples!
    I can't choose one, I love them all!

  6. definately velvet rope but the others look nice too :)

  7. OMG Nihrida, you are the best! I feel all famous and stuff :) Thanks so much! I kinda want to own the other 3 of these now, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. ;) If and when I start my blog (Kelliegonzo won't give up until I do) I am going to give you crazy shout outs! :) *hugs*

  8. yay shouts out to mickellerox :) she's my bff <3


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