Sunday, September 5, 2010

Speaking of...

My mother and I just saved this little fella from Jimi.

She was pis*ed so she chased Gaia to the top of the tree. Gaia was to scared to come down by herself (because Jimi was waiting for her nearby), so I had to climb halfway and help her. What am I gonna do with these crazy furry monsters?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Lol@ ur cats!
    That's a cute lizard :)

  2. Woah, I never find anything like that! It's so pretty!

    Although, If I ever encountered any lizards I'd be too chicken sh-t to do anything LOL

  3. That lizard is gorgeous! We only get brown and grey ones out here. :(

  4. he looks a bit skink-ish do you know what kind of lizard he is

  5. I love lizards and all small animals, I would be so sad and pissed of if I saw a dead one, it always makes me feel so bad :(
    his colors are so wonderful!!!

  6. @peripatetic33: It's an European Green Lizard. Quite common here. =)

    @splattergirl: That's why I didn't let Jimi to finish him off. I felt for the little one.

  7. Pretty shades of green. Make a good reference for a manicure. Now your a lizard rescuer. Very nice.

  8. Pretty green lizard. Pretty green colors!



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