Saturday, September 11, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Vita joined kindergarten two weeks ago. And she doesn't like it at all. First couple of days all she did was cry. She didn't want to eat or sleep...

It's slowly getting better (If we count out the kid who bit her in the arm yesterday), but I think it's gonna be a long way for her to be happy there.

After all, there is NO place like home. And she knows that already. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. hi aaminah started k4 she was really unhappy at first-now its a little better :). after school she still goes to childcare for socializing & fun. lil vita was'nt with all that school stuff... those sneakers are just too cute. she's a cutie

  2. Cukerček mali! Vrtec je kar šok za majčkene, ja :/ Čeprav eni pa potem domov nočejo, hehe :)

  3. Poor little baby! She'll get used to it and she'll also learn to bite back. Her sneakers are adorable as is she. Beautiful photo. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Ma kok je srčkana! <3 Upam, da se kmalu navadi. :)

  5. Poor little girl! My boys didn't have trouble with daycare, but they were in it from about 8 weeks on. Is that a view from your house?!

  6. I'm sorry she's having a hard time adjusting. My middle girl was like that so I gave her a scarf of mine with my body spray on it, so it smelled like Mommy. I told her whenever she missed me to hug it and it would be soon that I'd pick her up. It really helped ease her anxiety.

  7. Aww beautiful Vita! I hope she learns to love it! Keep us posted!

  8. She is so cute. A (very mild) pox on the little boy who bit her.

    My little cousin didn't want to go to school either. I'd drop her off in the mornings, and she'd scream and hang on to me...her teachers had to hold her back while I ran from the classroom. A week later though, she was having a great time...we'd enter her classroom and she wouldn't even remember who I was.

    Babies adapt well...she'll be fine. :)

  9. the beginnings are usually fucked up but don't worry, I'm sure she'll grow to like it soon enough!

  10. Aww, poor precious. Poor little sad face. Maybe the teacher should distract her while you leave so she wouldn't have to see you leaving her.
    Here's hoping she adapts to the situation!


  11. She's beautiful :) hope she gets used to it soon.


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