Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There are many castles in Slovenia, but this one is my favorite. =) I live only a couple of minutes away from it and I think it's pretty magical.

We don't know exactly when it was build, but it was most probably built in 12th century. If you're interested, you can read more about our castle HERE.

P.S: Sorry for not so quality photos. They were taken with my telephone.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ma volim Sloveniju i gotovo!
    Tako je drugačija od moje Dalmacije :-)
    a imam i neke sentimentalne razloge.

  2. It's so cool you live in a country with so much history. The US is still kinda a baby where history is concerned.

  3. Extremely interesting! I love history. Megan is right. The US is a fledgling where history is concerned. The area where you live is quite beautiful.


  4. You are so lucky to have a castle so near you - I've said it before, but Slovenia looks like a fairy tale!

  5. Oh it's beautiful! I love reading about the places all of the nail girls live! Maybe I should do a post about my hometown occasionally.

  6. This is so pretty. It feels so weird to me to read articles on places from those time periods. America wasn't even colonized or discovered then and you all had these beautiful castles. We don't even have "castles" the closest thing we have (which is close-ish to me) is Biltmore Estate.

  7. Oooh nice :)

    I love castles as well, I'd love to visit this one. Actually I'd love to visit Slovenia, it seems to be such a beautiful place!

  8. uuuhhmmmmm those are some pretty good pictures for a phone.lol beautiful!....

  9. Must be wonderful to live in a country with such beauty all around.


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