Thursday, October 14, 2010

Essence - In The Jungle

First of all...look at THIS video. If you don't look at it, then you won't be able to see the nail polish shade as it is. But don't forget to come back when you're done. Don't be distracted by the dancing hippo!

*chanting* Awimbawe, awimbawe, awimbawe, awimbawe...

OK, I've had a rough day and this song made me feel a bit better. I hope it did the same for you. Of course it doesn't have any influence on my photos, I'm no Harry Potter. Duuuh!

I already wore this color a couple of days ago, but it chipped before I could take a good photo of it. Since my nails were naked, I decided to give this polish another try. Why not, it's a great shade.
The application was super easy, the formula is great and so is the brush. I only wish it would last longer than it did the first time.

Essence, In The Jungle, 2 coats

Thanks for looking!


  1. Krasen je! Zdaj sem si ga še jaz zaželela, pa nisem ravno ljubitelj zelene. :D Sem ga imela že doma, pa sem ga oddala naprej, joj!

    In ti si kriva, da si bom pa zdj cel dan tole pesem pela. xD

  2. Moj omiljeni!! Prelep je lak, meni je jednom trajao 4 dana. Imas li Jade is The New Black da ih uporedis?

  3. Imam ga,volim ga,meni je ovo krasna nijansa zelene...
    ...In the jungle,the mighty jungle,the lion sleeps tonight...baš me razveselila,hvala :-)

  4. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps to night. Ooweeeooo. This color is good, but your little video made it that much better! Happy Friday. :0)

  5. I almost put this on today and now I regret I didn't. Such a pretty polish!

  6. green polish will be the death of me

  7. this is a truly awesome shade of green! now...if I can only find it in the US. Is it available here?

  8. Sasha! Thanks for the video, that remided me about the past reckless years we loved and mimicked it with my classmates. It's such a mood lifter!
    Hope you're alright. <3

    Beautiful colour and it looks so good on you. I haz lobster hands with that type of colour haha!

    \\lots of hugs!\\

  9. very nice shade of green indeed. I have it too, I developped an embarassing addiction to green/blu/teal polishes... ehm, ok, I must admit: an addiction to *every color* polishes!

  10. That song is stuck in my head now! Haha.

  11. Fora video :)! Lak je predivan, imam ga i ja, nosila sam ga često ljetos na nogama i isto je dugo trajao :) Baš su dobri ti SYF lakovi!

  12. Sasha: Believe or not, that song became popular in the US when I was a little girl (early to mid 60's, I think)! (I feel so old.) I'll be 54 next week. It was recorded by a du-wop group called The Tokens. I just looked at Wikipedia and it's origins are in South Africian music in the 1930's. I didn't know that.

    Thanks again for the polish :-).


  13. OHHH I LOVE IT!!! Teal's my absolute favorite color with blue and green tied for second, so I'm just adoring this shade..... SOO pretty!

  14. oh so pretty! I'm loving Essence polishes at the moment :)


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