Wednesday, November 17, 2010

China Glaze Holiday 2010 Collection (Part 1)

'Tis a Season to be Naughty and Nice.

I don't care about holidays and Christmas, but if that means China Glaze is releasing a new collection - count me in! This is the first part of the Holiday 2010 collection. 

Are you prepared for the epic post? By epic I don't mean ''so awesome you're gonna loose your pants'', but epic as in massive. There's a LOT of photos. Consider yourself warned...

Let's start with color dropz.

And the swatches...

Cheers to You is a silver foil, bordering to being chrome. Pretty, but I've seen this color and finish before... and I will make a comparison. It's blingy, but I like it.

China Glaze, Cheers to You, 2 coats

Frosty is a milk white shimmer. I hate the name (and I fear frosty polishes), but this one isn't as bad as the name implies. I bet Snow White would wear this one. If she was real.

China Glaze, Frosty, 3 coats

Jolly Holly is a forest green shimmer. I'm gonna call it Holy Moly instead. It's so pretty and the best part - I don't think I own anything like this one. This one is definitely one of the collection winners (in my humble opinion).

China Glaze, Jolly Holly, 2 coats

Little Drummer Boy is a navy blue shimmer and I don't know what exactly it's doing in this Christmas-y collection, but I'm glad it's here. Pure perfection, people! My favorite from this part of the collection.

P.S: I kept thinking: who the heck is this drummer boy? And my oh so very smart brain clicked and I asked uncle Google. I actually know this song. =D

China Glaze, Little Drummer Boy, 2 coats

Mistletoe Kisses is a green glitter. I don't like it and I have nothing more to ad. See for yourself and decide.

China Glaze, Mistletoe Kisses, 3 coats

Mommy Kissing Santa is a red shimmer. So very pretty and the name makes me giggle. I might wear this one for Christmas. If I'll be in the mood of course.

China Glaze, Mommy Kissing Santa, 2 coats

Mrs. Claus is a red glitter. In the bottle. On nails it's actually looks more like pink (or washed out red) with pink glitter. Wait, isn't Mrs. Claus the same person as Mommy who's kissing the Santa? Split personality maybe? Or just a case of infidelity. I guess that's possible - Santa is only human after all. ;)

China Glaze, Mrs. Claus, 3 coats

Peace on Earth is an olive green shimmer. It kind of wants to go on a little frosty, but don't worry. If you're a bit cautious when applying, that won't happen.

China Glaze, Peace on Earth, 2 coats

I think 'tis the season when China Glaze made a pact with the devil himself. These are the best China Glaze polishes I've ever tried. The quality is just superb. I had absolutely no problems with application, formula or brushes. The colors are what they are: my definite favorites from this part are Jolly Holly, Little Drummer Boy and Mommy Kissing Santa. But that's just my taste. The most important thing is - if you decide to get one of these, you'll get a great quality nail polish. Well done, China Glaze!

I'll be back soon with Part 2, comparisons and layering options. =)

*Products were sent to me by China Glaze. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love this collection, too! I ordered Mistletoe Kisses, Mrs Claus and Party hearty for myself, and some other ones for my friends!
    Love your swatches as always!

  2. wow! love everything esp Mistletoe Kisses and Peace on Earth, beautiful!

  3. presneto lepe barve!!!! za nekaj že vem da se mi nebojo izmuzinili =))

  4. Oooo... nekaj jih je krasnih!! Sploh beli-sh, srebrn-ish in zelen.. love!! :D

  5. OMG these look perfect on you.

  6. Your pictures blow mine out of the water. Peace on Earth looks absolutely phenomenal on you. And Little Drummer Boy, which did not suit me. Glad these made it safely, can't wait til the rest get there!

  7. Jolly Holly is the most complemented nail polish I've ever worn. I got complements from the pink and red people!


  8. Meni pa je Frosty najlepši!!! Če se ga odločiš prodat potem sem pravi naslov! :D Drugače pa je vsak po svoje lep!

  9. Little Drummer Boy in Mommy Kissing Santa sta mi najbolj všeč. :)

  10. I simply love China glaze's colour. It's so unfair that no one sells this brand in my country :(.

  11. I <3 Frosty, Jolly Holly and Little Drummer boy!
    For some reason I liked the creme/jelly reds better than the shimmer ones, and that's very unlikely to me!

    They all look lovely on you :)

  12. great post. I love green ones the most. Gliters are really ugly

  13. I think I like Holly Jolly best - it's different. I'm looking forward to part 2 of this post.

  14. Dupe alert: "Cheers to you" is a dead ringer for Essence's "Rock and Roll", they even have the same finish!

  15. BTW, can I have your permission to use your pic in my blog? With due linking and mention, of course

  16. Awww you don't like Christmas? But it's da most wonderful time of the year. ^_^

    Anywho, thank you for the wonderful swatches I definitely like Peace on Earth and Frosty. I thought I liked Mistletoe Kisses, but I'm not sure anymore.
    And I'm still on the fence about Jolly looks pretty, but I feel like it's so...not different.

  17. Those are such pretty christmas polishes!

  18. I love Jolly Holly, Little Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth!

  19. I'll be ordering quite a few of these. It's a great collection. I love Mistletoe Kisses! Little Drummer Boy looks spectacular on you.

  20. After seeing these picture, I think i'll get Jolly Holly and Little Drummer Boy.
    PS: These are the best swatches i've seen so far from his collection! Thanks!

  21. yea i didnt like Mistletoe Kisses either. and i loooove greens and glitter...oddd huh? i dont know, maybe its the glitter thats washing out the green color. not saturated enough i guess.

  22. Na tebi itak vsi zgledajo prekrasno. :D Krasni swatchi, moram še premisliti, če katerega res potrebujem. :)

  23. Amazing blue Little Drummer Boy!! I think
    Mistletoe Kisses looks very well on your nails.

    Good review and swatches as always =)

  24. Jolly Holiday and Little Drummer Boy are great, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE Frosty holy crap.

  25. Hello beautiful, have you heard the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa"?? I ask because you said the name made you giggle, and I think it came from this song. You should youTube it :o)


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