Thursday, November 18, 2010

China Glaze Holiday 2010 Collection (Part 2)

Here's part 2 of the China Glaze Holiday 2010 collection. No blabbing, let's go straight to the pretties.

Color drops:

Before we go to the swatches I should add that all polishes were applied without base and/or top coat.

Jingle Bells is a champagne shimmer. It looks awful on me - mannequin hands gone wrong... Still it's a pretty shade and I like it. Just not on me.

China Glaze, Jingle Bells, 2 coats

Midnight Kiss is a gold shimmer. At first I though ChG made a mistake and sent me two bottles of the same shade, but when I looked at it - yeah, they're different. Midnight Kiss is cool and Jingle Bells is warm toned.

China Glaze, Midnight Kiss, 2 coats

Naughty and Nice is a vampy purple/red (I can't decide) creme. This one is ridiculously glossy. Look at it! You could use it as a mirror. It's also a jelly. Very sexy shade indeed.

China Glaze, Naughty and Nice, 2 coats

Phat Santa is a classic red creme. I adore this one. It's perfection. Nothing more to say.

China Glaze, Phat Santa, 2 coats

Ruby Deer is a bright red creme. It's lighter and warmer than Phat Santa. Not as smoking hot, but still pretty awesome.

China Glaze, Ruby Deer, 2 coats

Snow is a white creme. I had some troubles applying this one. Well, not really troubles... it just needed 3 coats to get even. See, I'm becoming a spoiled little brat. China Glaze - you're spoiling me. =D

China Glaze, Snow, 3 coats

Sugar Plums is a plum shimmer with glitters. Not my style, but it's beautiful nontheless.

China Glaze, Sugar Plums, 2 coats

Party Hearty is the clown of the collection. It's a ''mess'' of big red glitter, smaller green glitter and even smaller gold glitter in a clear base. If Christmas tree could vomit...this would be it. ;) I applied Party Hearty over Cheers to You, because I'm pretty sure this one is made for layering.

China Glaze, Cheers To You + Party Hearty

I must say once again - the quality is superb! If you like a certain color from this collection just get it and you won't be sorry. The formula, application, brushes, drying time...if only all polishes were like these.

I must say I'm not completely satisfied with the colors, but that's a matter of taste. And if I don't like a certain shade, that doesn't mean that someone else won't love it. Quality wise - this is the best ChG collection and it deserves 5 kisses. Totally!

So, that's it! A collection of 16 shades for Holiday season 2010. What do you think of it? Which are your favorites?

*Products were sent to me by China Glaze. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

I'd like to thank Angie for re-sending these beauties to me. Thanks honey! :*

Thanks for looking!


  1. Kad vidim ove swatcheve dođe mi da kupim SVE nijanse! :D

  2. I did like sugar plums and naugty and nice indeed
    it shines allot and u right thte clows is the last one, the other ones ni impressive indeed

  3. Your nails are perfection. You make every polish you wear look amazing even if I hate it. *love*

  4. Wish I could buy them all... :) So far I got Frosty, Party hearty, Jolly Holly and Phat Santa.

  5. Your swatches of Naughty & Nice and Sugar Plums are the best I´ve seen so far. N&N looks like black on almost all the swatches. And Sugar Plums, wow, you even got a good shot of the glitter. I totally failed at that. My swatch wasn´t even near as good as yours. Thank you!

  6. great rewiev! I love this collection, especially Party Hearty, Sugar Plums, Snow, Frosty, Mrs. Claus and Mistletoe Kisses <3 <3 <3

  7. Awwww, no problem sugar, they look AWESOME on you. Ita about Jingle Bells too, gorgeous color, just looks awful on me.

  8. I just received the news that they won't be delivering my party hearty and I'm depressed :))

    Love your swatches as always!

  9. I actually like Jingle Bells on you, but I understand it's not your personal taste!

    Naughty looks wonderful on you! *sigh* I wish I had bought this color...I didn't because I already have the Orly one, but it looks so gorgeous on you!

    Btw the last polish I was waiting for you arrived!

  10. Wauuu krasni so, čisto vsi po vrsti :) <3

  11. It's a great collection, but Midnight Kiss and Jingle Bells are so close - do they *really* need both? I really like Naughty & Nice - perfect vampy sexy color.

  12. I think they are great! I wish China Glaze didn't chip so much on my nails, otherwise I would have gotten more than just 2 from this collection. I just can't buy them all to swatch only once :( Anyways, they look lovely on you! My favorite is Party Hearty! So festive!

  13. Love party hearty!
    Nice swatches, and good review:).

  14. Haha, vomiting Christmas tree :D Dobra :)

  15. I got Phat Santa, Mistletoe Kisses, Jolly Holly, Sugar Plums, Mrs. Claus, and I should be receiving Party Hearty in the mail soon. Like you said, the formula is great! Now I'm lemming Naughty and Nice! Damn you. :P

  16. thats so funny i said the same thing about Party Hearty and it being christmas tree vomit.
    (if there were such a thing) lol.

  17. Naughty & Nice and Phat Santa are my two favorites. They are gorgeous on you. I also love Sugar Plums.

  18. Party Hearty is great, but I wish it wasn't so layer-y and could stand on its own!

  19. Sugar Plums <3 vesela sem da sem ga videla še tu, če ga ne bi ga verjetno ne bi vzela zato ker mi je na drugih swatchih deloval malo preveč rdeče.


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