Saturday, November 20, 2010

China Glaze Holiday 2010 - Comparisons

Another super massive post, I know. I'm sorry.

1. Gold comparison

I wanted you to see Midnight Kiss and Jingle Bells side by side. I also added the other two polishes in golden/champagne color I have. Not my kind of shades...

I used 2 coats of each and as you can see, they're all different. I'm only keeping 2030, 'cause it's perfect for konading - and it's chrome. =) I *really* need to give away some of my polishes, I'm drowning in them.

2. Olive comparison

Peace on Earth immediately reminded me of some other polish in my collection - La Femme Beauty in Egyptian Gold. They're not exact dupes, but they're close enough for me.

2 coats of each. Which one do you like better?

3. Red shimmer comparison

Mommy Kissing Santa looked so pretty and it was already on my wishlist (before I knew ChG is sending me this collection). But now, that I've compared it to other red shimmers, it doesn't look that pretty anymore.

2 coats of each. And let me just say one thing - get Sinful Merlot. It's great!

4. Red creme comparison

Red cremes are classic and sexy, but they all look the same when you wear them, right?

Again ... 2 coats of each. I don't think I need all these...

5. Vampy comparison

These are all so dark, they look black most of the time. It's different when you stick your hand into the lightbox - just keep that in mind.

2 coats of each one more time.

6. White creme comparison

This one is not as much about color as it is about opacity and application. They're all white, that's obvious. But did you know that Color Club is the best? I keep hearing the best white is WnW, but it's actually the worst of these three.

I have to say that China Glaze didn't give me as much troubles with application like the first time I tried it. This time I got away with 2 coats. Of each. Color Club would still be my no. 1 pick (it's great for konading as well).

7. Silver foil comparison

I already did this comparison and I just can't get rid of all these too similar shades. One of these would be enough. I can't say which one is the best, because they're all 2 coaters and they all look pretty much the same. Pick your own favorite.

So, that's it. What do you think? Which are your favorites?

Thanks for looking!


  1. i need 2030 and some silver foils :D ur comparisons are highly informative! thank u :D

  2. Simpatične primerjave. Od zlatih se mi najbolj dopade Swing Baby, takoj za njim pa Jingle Bells. Čeprav ne vem, če bi ju dejansko nosila, verjetno sta mi samo lepa :)od shimmer rdečih zmaga Short & Sassy. Za tega Naughty & Nice pa še nevem kaj naj si mislim. Mogoče je preveč glossy, bo treba sprobat :]

  3. great comparisons! these are always useful, thanks :)

  4. great swatches. my favorites are 2030 & jingle bells!

  5. Super si ovo poslagala,da je bar bilo koji dan ranije pa da sam uzlela cc bijeli a ne cg...
    Nemoj se izvinjavati na dugom postu,sa ovako krasnim slikama i korisnim usporedbama nikad nije predug :-)

  6. super primerjave :)
    bi samo omenila pri srebrnih, da se mi zdi Essence 19 Rock n' roll zelo podoben, koliko lahko vidim :D

  7. this post is very useful (:
    great comparisons!

  8. Thanks for doing this, perfect nail lady LMAO! <3

  9. Uh, Nihrida, tale post moraš napisati v svoj CV, tako si se potrudila :D
    Meni najlepše izgledajo 2030, Egyptian Gold, Merlot in Ruby Dear. Ostali so si preveč podobni, da bi se lahko odločila!

    Hvala za trud :)

  10. 2030!!!Love at first sight 4 me.Have to get it to fall 4 me now :P:P

  11. I can't believe you don't like snow lol It was one of my favorites! I liked it best of all my white cremes, but then again, I love white polish, so I have quite a bit of it

  12. Oh it's so hard to pick my favorites! Some look the same like you mentioned, but for instance, I prefer 2030 vs the other gold metallics.

    I have WnW in White, and yea.. the application is very streaky. Until you get to the 3rd coat that is.:D It's not bad for the price.

  13. i looooooooooooove when you make long posts :). thanks for all your time and gorgeous swatches.

  14. Good post! Now I know which white I want and that would be Colour Club. :) And now I don't want to buy Mommy Kissing Santa anymore thanks to you. :D But the 2030.. oooohhh.. I want, I want..

  15. Wau, super primerjave :) meni so najbolj všeč Shorty&Sassy, Naughty&Nice, Jingle Bells in 2030 (ta je res neverjeten)!

  16. great swatches, very helpful. I'm going to have to try the CC white bc all the white polishes I have apply streaky :(

  17. Wow, Love is virtually identical to Ruby Deer...Ugh... I ordered the RD set because I couldn't resist that plushy!! But Risque polishes are so hurts my wallet :P

    The silvers are very very alike, I can only tell Sterling Silver apart from the others!

  18. Look, there's a brazilian nail polish, Risqué!
    Interesting, I never saw a non-brazilian blog talking about Risqué.
    Well, this is a good brand, and probally the brand that has more red nail polishes in the whole world, haha

    sorry my english, I'm not sure if I wrote everything right

  19. @Beka: I have a few Risque polishes and they're all great. =D

  20. Thanks for all these comparisons!

  21. Thank you so much for these comparisons! My favorites, just in case you are sitting around wondering:

    1. Jingle Bells
    2. Peace on Earth
    3. Mommy Kissing Santa
    4. Alix
    5. Fatal
    6. Can't pick haha.
    7. Between the Color Club or Gosh, I can't pick.

    Again, thanks for these comparisons!

  22. @Aurora's Nails: I am actually. =D Interesting choices. Different than mine, but very interesting. =D

  23. i like merlot and think i might pick it up next time i'm at walgreens. :))

  24. Wow, 2030 and Cheers to You are SO pretty.

  25. I totes like the La Femme better! xD And damn deliciously Dark is hot. O.o

    Though, I'm one of those who are tired of new China Glazes before they're even released. :/

    You know where I am if you need me. :*

  26. I believe you've just saved me money! Most of what you've shown I either have the same or like those. I will be buying Peace On Earth just because I adore greens. I do love Ruby Deer and Phat Santa but I probably do have dupes to those. I better get busy ordering. I adore Naughty and Nice but I'm sure I have plenty of vampy polishes. Thanks for all your hard work.

  27. wonderful post, great job it did take you a little time !! I read it with a big pleasure :) thkx

  28. I loooove these sort of comparispons. Thanks! I really like the purple vampy ones and the silvers.

  29. Nihrida, thank you so much for doing these comparisons! It's so helpful and much appreciated! Your photos are wonderful! It's hard to capture some of these colors in photographs (especially the shimmers), but you're doing a great job.
    I was just looking for a very particular shade of red shimmery color and your comparison totally nailed it.
    ChG's Evening Seduction remains one of my all time favorites!

  30. Wow, so glad you did the Olive comparison, I've got CG Peace on Earth and was looking to buy La Femme, now I can save myself some pennies!! Thanks for sharing.


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