Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Essence - Trendsetter

I bought one of the new Essence shades today. This one is called Trendsetter.

I was checking it out before, but I didn't buy it, because it looked to dark. Seeing it on some other blogs changed my mind and now it's all mine. =)

I like the color and opacity, but I hate the formula and brush. This polish is impossible to apply! The brush is so weird and I can't seem to get the right amount of polish on it. Polish is not thick or thin, but it's still really tricky to apply... I give up.

As I said, the opacity is great. If you manage to figure out the application part, you can get away with only 1 coat of this pretty blue-ish green (teal?) shade. That reminds me: what would you call this color? It looks green, but with hints of blue, so that makes it teal, right? But it's not as blue as my other teal polishes, so... is it green after all? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Essence, Trendsetter, 2 coats

P.S: Please excuse my very short nails. My mother and I have been preparing (cutting, stacking) firewood  for winter and they didn't survive it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think it's a very pretty colour and makes me wish that I had it to purchase in Sweden.

    Your nails look lovely by the way, mine look terrible when I've been doing gardening!

  2. i'd describe it pinetree green o.O maybe?
    lovely color, nevertheless :)

  3. i agree with melly. it's a pinetree green!
    and it's beautiful.

  4. I love this. I would definitely call it teal

  5. I got the same shade last week but I didn't check it yet. I think 'Dark Teal' is a good name.

  6. I love that one ^_^ I didn't have any application problem with mine though...perhaps add a few drops of thinner, who knows? it could help

  7. like it very much, It is dark enough for me
    yes i kind of teal indeed.
    Im so happy u dont have that words caps is annoying

  8. This is a wonderful colour, I'm glad I bought it in my Belgian shopping frenzy, yay!
    It suits your nails perfectly, and sometimes, they need to go short for a while, I like yours this way too! :)

  9. I LOVE the color, so it just might be woth the trouble :D I haven't tested it yet myself but I got one from Germany too <3

  10. looks like a dupe for Essie Going Incognito =) gorgeous!

  11. probably.. a teal pine green? no idea, but it looks beautiful! :)

  12. OOOhhh pretty !!!

    ---adds to list!

  13. Imam taj lak i iako obožavam njegovu boju isto kao i ti mrzim teksturu ovoga laka i težinu nanošenja :( Super su ti nokti ovako skraćeni :) i svaka čast kako si dobro namazala ovaj komplicirani lak :)

  14. That's a gorgeous color! Judging from monitor color, it looks like teal.


  15. Beautiful shade on you. I'm suprised that you have any nails left!

  16. Woaaaa! Crazy color, I really like it!
    I love your blog. It's very inspirational :)
    Do you want to check out mine?




  17. Hello!
    How does this compare to Essie's "Going incognito"?
    would be interesting to see...

  18. @Natalia: I don't own Going Incognito, so I wouldn't know. Sorry.

  19. I bought an Essence nail polish today, same bottle, it is a taupe/brownish colour but the name of the shade is Trendsetter, different to yours but same brand


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