Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eyeko Ambassador Gift

As you may know I recently became an Eyeko Ambassador. Eyeko won my heart after they released their new polishes in Saucy and Rain. Their old polishes really sucked (the ones with silver caps), but they kept changing the formula until they made it perfect. From five to one coat people! =)

I received my free Eyeko Ambassador gift yesterday and this is what I got:

I bet you're only interested in the pretty gloss, aren't you? It's called London Lips and it came in a shade named Soho.

I'm not a lip gloss kind of girl, so I can't tell you much about it. It's very pigmented and it's got a mild sweet scent (like bubblegum).

You can buy this lip gloss in Eyeko online store for 7€ or you can buy it in a pack of three glosses for 14€.
Don't forget to use my code E10655 at checkout to get a free gift with your purchase.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I have the vampira polish i have to say is very good love it, have from the old collection the dark blue for nasty nails indeed the formula is sticky and is not easy to apply.

  2. I bought the Shoreditch one, it looked much more red on Eyeko's website...At least it is usable...
    I am always afraid of buying lipstick/lipgloss without seeing it for myself because I am very picky with lip color...

    Soho looks great on you! I was very tempted to get this one because the color is so yummy. But it would look like crap on me :(

    The scent kind of bothers me, but it's no Eyeko's fault that they chose the EXACT same smell as the cortisone medicine I had to take after a serious car crash I was involved in when I was 7 yo...
    At least it fades away quickly!

  3. I bought this a few weeks ago. :-)

  4. Ahhh congratulations, Ambassador! That's awesome...and I really like that pink looks like bubblegum, too!

  5. The lipgloss looks lovely on you. I'm suprised at how pigmented the gloss is. I don't own anything from this brand. It's sounding much better than before.


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