Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tired of it All

A story about failures in 'more small' photos.

I didn't feel like painting my nails today, so I applied BeautyBird stickers. Fail. I admit I was stressed and applied them rather quickly and sloppy. I admit that I didn't smoothen the surface enough... And when I wanted to put on my jeans, one of the stickers lifted. And as if that wasn't enough, I didn't have time for touch ups. Then my mother told me my nails are ugly. Yeah, thanks.

I didn't feel like applying my make up. But I didn't want to look totally sick, so there goes a little black eyeshadow as liner and mascara. Fail. WTF is wrong with my eyelashes. They all point in different directions and even with mascara on, I still look sick.

And since I know you don't care about make up that doesn't really exist (above), I tried out 120 piece palette with 88 palette and Evil Shades in Heartless Queen. This one was actually quite nice IRL. Photography fail.

I feel like I'm failing at every aspect of my life. My father is in the hospital again and I'm a nervous wreck. I can't sleep (without help from my little friends), I can't eat. I lost more than 6 pounds in the last week. Not like that is a bad thing... I just guess it isn't healthy.Don't let me start talking about my moodswings.

I started thinking about my eternal ''choice vs. destiny'' question again. And I think I might snap this time. Sloppy nail sticker application doesn't sound that bad at the moment.

Eh, I give up!

Thanks for your support, dear Readers. And thank you, Feline! :*


  1. Your nails look nice, the makeup is cute, and whatever happens, happens. Don't rely on the little friends too much, they're hard to kick.

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling so down...but your eyelashes look normal and lovely and the shadow you did is really pretty as well!

  3. Oh, don't be so hard on yourself *hugs* I think your nails look hot! And I wish I had your eyebrows <3

    Respect for being able to blog while feeling so bad, I hope you'll feel better soon!

  4. You're gorgeous with this makeup!! *-*
    I hope things will get better soon for you =)

  5. I am sorry for everything that you are going through and for having a bad day. Personally I think your nails look great! I hope you get well soon from your cold. Please be strong! I am sending you lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. The nails DO look good & the makeup looks gorgeous.

    I hope your dad gets better soon & you feel better soon too.

    Hugs! -- Jocy

  7. I can't agree with you, you don't look sick. But when things don't go your way - make up and polish doesn't really matter. I must say I do love the leopard stickers. Wish I could do that with nail polish.

    Feel better soon!

  8. Oh no, don't give up!♥
    I actually loooved the second make up. It looks girly and punk at the same time (i would totally rock it at night).
    And about the first make up, you shouldn't be feeling bad because of your eyelashes lol. It's kinda obvious that without eyeshadow you'll notice every little failure. Oh, and i think that looking cute without make up (and sometimes even with it) is like a challenge that you can only master with the years lol. I don't like wearing lots of makeup so i'm always trying new products and ways to good (less is more... this quote sounds better in spanish).

    Wow, long comment! lol Well, i really wish you the best of luck because you deserve it! :)

  9. You're the bomb, woman. Your nails are not ugly.

  10. I like the nail art! I think it turned out to be pretty different!
    Although the circumstances are not good, you have to be calm and try to maintain a good diet ...
    You'll see that it'll be fine!
    (sorry my bad english)

  11. That's a very mean thing for your mother to say to you, especially at a time when you don't need any more negativity. I've been where you are many times, and the only thing that gets me through it is to stay positive and tell yourself you/things will get better. They have in the past and they will again. Not much help, but it gets me through the dark days. *hugs*

  12. for your nails, i love them. and your eyes are pretty too, i've been having pink eye for the last month so i wish i could wear make up haha.
    and for your mood. i really hope you can get better. i'm so bad at peptalks ;) but just know you have my support as a reader

  13. When I get like you describe I've just got to get out of the house. Get up and go. Take a nice long drive, get out of town, change scenery and stay for a while until my mind empties. And do that again tomorrow and again.

    You do realize your mani is quite cute? I hope you wear it with some black jeans. And your eyelashes are gorgeous and if someone cannot say something nice then tell her not to say anything at all - push back for goodness sake.

    Best wishes to you. Hugs!

  14. Ojoj, drži se. Upam, da bo kmalu vse v redu! *bighug*

    Meni je prvi MU krasen, ker ga sama prakticiram skoraj vedno. Jst pa senčke pa trije pojmi. x)

  15. Jooj kako lepo oko imaš brez MU! Sploh obrvi so perfekcija!
    Ta drug MU je pa waw! Noben photo fail ampak photo awesomness! :D

  16. those nails don't look like fail at all, they looks like something rihanna would wear =)

  17. I know how it goes to be down. don't let the teardrops rust your shining heart. you're lovely, inside and out.

  18. Call me crazy, but I think all three pictures look good! Seriously! *hugs* take care of yourself, please. I'm worried about you. :(

  19. Sorry you feel so bad!
    Your nails looks fine though! ;)
    And you have lovely eyes.

  20. love the nails - they don't look sloppy to me at all! I'm so sorry about your father - that can be so stressful (I was just going through something similar). I hope you're doing alright. You and your family are in my thoughts!!

  21. I think your are gorgeous and you deserv to be happy. A big hu to you!

  22. I have to tell you again that you are gorgeous, with and without make up!!! I know you are having a hard time but you'll get through it.

  23. Aw sweetie you look awesome no matter what! ;) I love the nails.

  24. Don't be so hard on yourself.. The nails are pretty and so are the eyeshadows. What are you talking about?? :) For the rest, I hope it all turns out okay! Just dont fall towards the "destiny" side ;)

  25. I would offer grand words of encouragement but I know that in times like this they are not very helpfull. Instead I offer my love and an ear to vent if you need!
    PS you so rock Heartless Queen!

  26. Little things like that can really snowball on you, can't they? That's the worst – I wind up beating myself up because rationally I know it's not worth being upset over but I can't change the way I feel. Which only makes me feel worse. :/

  27. I really hope you feel better soon! Your eye makeup looks awesome, as do your nails.

    Here's a blog award:

  28. lots of hugs <3 i know it might not mean anything coming from a stranger, but hang in there, things will get better. not going to lie and say it happens now, today or even tomorrow. with time.
    and just to say, you're beautiful the way you are <3

  29. I'm a broke record to say I've been where you are innumerable times, so I will say:
    Your nails do look good, you don't look sick at all - and you have fierce eyebrows. On top of that, you're a good daughter -- and you bring much happiness to many people around the world.

    I hope your mood swings decrease. Hugs from Los Angeles. <3

  30. LOL~ but i do like the final look of ur nails!

  31. Oh my dear Sasha: Those damn mood swings - I have little friends too and if I'm having a mood swing I take one, they help. And I always have to have help sleeping. And right now, I'm in the middle of a major mood swing and I don't know what the hell is wrong. Cause things are going pretty good for a change. I guess I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. But your Mother certainly doesn't need to be making negative comments to you, mine constantly makes negative comments to me too and it really takes it out of you. When she does this I say, *If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything.* But, seriously, your makeup always rocks. You rock without it.

    Great big hugs and kisses - Marsha

  32. ta lajf je res ena čudna stvar. keep fighting!!! *hug*

  33. *big hugs*

    WTB elite make up skills like you! I tried a loose shadow for the first time this weekend ad most of it ended up in my eye. :'(

    I hope the best for your father. <3

  34. Hey dear,
    Wow! look at how much support you have!!
    That make up looks very nice, and the nails were fine!
    I hope your mood is getting better :*
    If you need anything just shout!

  35. Your Mother is very stressed also. You just might be the one who's getting the brunt of her stress. You look lovely. When everything seems to be going wrong we get very picky about ourselves. My lashes go in different directions also. Thank God for eyelash curlers. Glad your Father is getting more help. I pray he'll be alright. Your eye makeup looks fantastic. Get plenty of rest please and don't forget to eat. (((hugs)))

  36. Hi =) I just started reading your blog about 3 weeks ago and I commend you for blogging while you're feeling down/stressed. I KNOW how hard it is to keep moving forward with life when all you want to do is crawl in bed and stay there. You, my friend, have some seriously beautiful hazel eyes and I think your eye shadow looks fabulous.

  37. Those (stickers) nails aren't ugly, they're tacky :P
    I guess that's what your mother tried to say to you :>

    Years ago, I coloured my hair entirely bright strawberry pink/red - after having bleached them, obviously :D - and you can tell how my mother reacted to that :D

    But I answered her that hair grow, and since I'm a short cut girl, it's not that bad.
    However those stickers aren't tattoos, right? :>


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