Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Claire's Mood - Happy to Earthy

I was dying to try these new Claire's Mood polishes. =) Today I finally did. Don't really know why I chose to start with the green one but... Here it is: Claire's Happy/Earthy.

I applied this nail polish over Nailtek Foundation II. I have to admit that the application wasn't easy at all. The polish was kind of goopy and hard to apply nicely. If you go over the same place twice, you get bald spots. Gotta be careful next time. It needed 3 coats.

At first it was only green on my nails. I guess I was in a very ''happy'' mood. XD Well, to be honest, my hands are quite cold all the time and it took a couple of hours for the polish to show it's true colors. This is a photo of nail polish right after I applied it.

Then I decided to play with it in the water. =) I also made an epic video of it.

After a couple of hours my hands got a bit warmer and the polish started to change. Whoa! That's cool!

BTW: This polish dries kind of matte, so you need to put on a top coat.

This is what it looks most of the time; yellow nails with green tips. =) It's changing all the time though.

So, this polish definitely works and if you ask me, it's worth every cent. =) I believe you can buy this nail polish at Claire's only. Thank you, Myrna, for buying these polishes for me! :*

Thanks for looking!

Giveaways - many of them

Susie's Home and Hobbies giveaway. Click on the photo to see the giveaway post.


Polishes Lyrics giveaway. Click on the photo for more information.


Enamored Enamel giveaway. Click on the photo! =)


Lucy's Stash giveaway. Click on the photo!


A Day in the Life of Dollface
giveaway. Click the photo!
She also has her YouTube channel and Etsy Store. =)

And don't forget to enter my giveaway too. =) Click!

Good luck and thanks for looking!

China Glaze - Sunset Glow

WOW! Simply... WOW!

China Glaze, Sunset Glow, 1 coat!

Yeah, I said: ONE coat!

Why haven't I heard about this color before? I know it's discontinued, but still... It's freaking nail polish perfection!

It dries kind of matte, but that's fixed with a layer of top coat. It does have one special feature: it looks good on any skin tone, but it doesn't really suit anyone at the same time. I'm neutral (to the cool side) and I don't think I can pull it off. My sister is warm toned and she doesn't like it on herself... WTF?! I guess it's that kind of polish that needs a perfect skin tone to go with it. =)

Get it if you can! This is a collectable piece.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dark Purple Comparison

The title says it all...

Index & pinkie: OPI Siberian Nights
Middle: Andreia 99
Ring: S-he 464

I guess that OPI Siberian Nights isn't a must-have anymore. Bye, bye OPI!

Here's the winner of my Skin MD giveaway. A bottle of Skin MD goes to: Lissette Bakula! Congrats!

And my earrings + nail polish giveaway: the winner is Tierney! Congratulations! =)

Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Caronia - Touch of Tan

This polish was sent to me by Thriszha from Fab Ur Nails. Thanks, Thriszha! =)

Now I need your honest opinion about this nail polish on me. Yay or nay? I really can't decide.

Caronia, Touch of Tan, 3 coats

I used Color Club Where's the Soiree and konad IP M78 for this manicure.

Today was a beautiful day. The tulips decided to show themselves in full beauty. They literally opened over the night. Isn't it gorgeous? If anyone hasn't noticed yet - I love my momma's flowers. =)

There are also sweet violets growing around the house. They smell sooooo nice!

Aishila and I want to thank all of you, who recommended different nutritional supplements. Thanks! =)

Thanks for looking!

Nail Mail

There's nothing better than getting nail polish in the mail. Am I right or am I right? =)

I got 4 packages today and 3 of them contained nail polish (in the 4th one was tea, but I'll tell you about that later).

First package was a gift from a lovely girl Manca. I posted that I want to buy Essence SYF Deep Blue Sea nail polish and she decided to just send it to me. How nice is that? Thank you, Manca!! :*
BTW: You should check out her blog. There's not only nail polish on it but awesome eye make up too! ---> Mancina se štima

Mmmmmm....chocolate eggs. =)

The second package came from Denmark and it was sent to me by rijaH from Polishing the nails. =) I'm sure you all already know her. I won her giveaway and here are the beauties:

She also added these pretties that were on my wish list. =) Thank you so much, Rijah! :*

And last, but not least: Claire's Mood polishes. Thank you, Myrna, for getting these for me and for Mango Mend too! :*** Aren't they pretty?!

Thanks for looking!

Love on Four Legs

My little squirrel monkey is sick again. She often gets a cold and I've been at the vet with her numerous times. There's nothing we can do. Her mother was too old and sick when she had her, for her to grow healthy and strong. Aishila is such a fighter. She's my idol. Love you, my little squ-monkey! :*

Zorro is so hard to capture on camera. He's just to fast. =) And apparently, not to photogenic. No, no... it's photographer's fault (and that would be me). XD

I believe you haven't seen this fat dog yet. Yep, there's not only a fat cat in our family, but also a fat dog with a name Tara. She's my older sister's pet and she's 11 years old. She's always digging holes...that's why her nose is dirty. =)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Evil Angel

I have to apologize to everyone that were offended by my previous 2 posts. It seems to me that I must only write about positive things. People, you get offended way to easily! My citique started because of the G+L shipping policy (and now I have another reader to prove what I said is true) and then it became personal. This drama you're making of my post is making me feel bad. That's my way of saying things... you're welcome to have your own opinion and feel free to write it down in the comments, but please, watch your ''tone''. ;)

And about All Lacquered Up, as I said, sorry but you took it way to personally. I linked to your blog for the reason of proving that they have been sending polishes international. Nothing else.
I love your blog and your swatches. I don't care what's your way of dealing with this...I don't care if you're doing it for hobby, for money... what ever. I never thought you read my blog. It actually quite sad that you never commented on anything and you decided to write on this post... I guess that people DO concentrate on the negative. Sorry if I offended you!

So, people! Do I have to make my blog ''invite only'' or what? I guess I have to write somewhere in big & bold - THIS IS MY OPINION!
Drama, drama, drama... Anyway. I got a great package from my girl Andrea aka Evil Angel. I got Gumdrop (and I love it!), China Glaze Sunset Glow and she also added a franken made by her. I named it Evil Angel. =)

This ChG is for my sister. See how gorgeous it is? WOW!

This franken (Evil Angel) is perfect! Totally opaque in one coat and looks VERY similar to OPI Midnight in Moscow. Beautiful! Thank you, Andrea! :*

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

...Another Thing...

''A little research would show you that all polish in the US is made by ONE manufacturer. So the likelihood that brands would have similar formulas/colors is not that unrealistic. And I asked Ginger + Liz directly where they get their polish from and it comes from a manufacturer in Northern California. Diamond is in Florida. Just because they have similar bottles doesn't mean they are the same. There are a bunch of off brand polishes using the same bottle as China Glaze (like Icing) and they aren't made by AII Beauty. Everything is not a conspiracy. Why are so many people on a witch hunt with every new brand that comes out?''

This comment was posted by All Lacquered Up on my post about Ginger + Liz nail polish.

I like ALU and it's one of the best resources for nail polish swatches, but this kind of ticks me off. I started this blog to write about nail polish (among other things) and I never though it would come to this. If I rave about a certain nail polish brand everyone is happy and everything is OK.
But NEVER post anything bad about it! Then all the nail polish furies will come and try to eat you. Come on, people!

I have nothing against Ginger + Liz brand. Nothing at all. I have to admit I was dissapointed when I asked them about shipping and they said they don't ship internationally. But ALU clearly said (in bold) that they do ship outside of US and there were all the countries of the world listed on their website. But once I contacted them, they took their time (a couple of hours) and wrote back saying that there's only US listed. I checked and it was true - only US. Where did all the other countries go? I understand if they have shipping problems (a lot of companies do), but why not inform customers about that immediately?

It's not all rainbows and sunshine, you know. There must be some rain to get the rainbow in the first place. I'm sorry if I'm cheap, but I wouldn't pay 12 dollars for a nail polish that is totally dupeable by 2 dollar brand. I don't care if the reason is the same product or the lack of Ginger + Liz's imagination. That's just the way I see it and I'm sorry (or maybe not) if someone got offended by that.

Yeah, I'm a total conspiracy thing freak. In fact... I think the jews did it! (for all of you with lack of humor: that's my sarcasm)

Anyway... let me tell you a better news. Painted Lady Fingers is having an awesome giveaway. Well, her giveaways are always awesome, but this one is special 'cause she's giving away some of the 'hard to find' polishes. Click on the photo to see her post about it.

Tempting, huh? =)

Good luck and thanks for looking!

Good Day

It's been a good day. =)



Suzi was playing and Aishila decided to join her. Suzi wasn't too happy about that though. She said that the kitty was naughty. =)

My mothers flowers.

Thank you for looking! BTW: Don't forget to join my giveaway!

Sinful VS Zoya

Battle of the plum purples. =)

Index & ring: Zoya Lael
Middle & pinkie: Sinful Tucana
I applied 2 coats of each.

I love Zoya, but Sinful... I love it even more. =)

Thanks for looking!
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