Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Incoco - Sweet Kiss

Incoco, Sweet Kiss

I found one more Incoco dry nail applique... Besides french manicure ones. As you can see, the nail imperfections are more visible with this one. But it's still pretty nice.

My little squirrel monkey is still sick...

I've been at the vet 3 times with her in the last 2 weeks. And on Monday I found out that she might have nasal polyps. I'd have to take her to the clinic in Ljubljana (that's 2 hour drive away) for X-ray and this alone would cost a small fortune for me. Then (if she really had polyps) she'd have to go through painful surgery...
Yesterday they decided to do a test for leucosis and AIDS. I was told that both of the diseases were fatal and that I'd have to make a decision... we all know what kind of decision that is. I've never been so scared. They shaved her leg and took her blood. I don't mind watching when they take my own blood...but this time I couldn't take it. Thank goodness my BF was with me, so he could hold her while I went outside to get some air. It took 10 looooong minutes before we could see the results of the test. And they were both negative!
Now she's on two different pills for asthma and I have to wash out her nose with a suringe.

She's OK for now and I'm still keeping it together. But the fact is that I'm on a verge of nervous breakdown. It seems like *everything* is ganging up on me at this moment and I just can't take it anymore. I'm NOT ok, so please, be patient with me. I'll answer those e-mails and do all the things I'm supposed to do as soon as I can.

I have other more important things on my mind right now... and I'm loosing it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Saturday: sea!!!! Belvedere - nice view indeed. =)


This is what happens when your BF is also your photographer... :/ Anyway...hooray for boobies!

I really needed this...

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GEOSS and Vace

Friday (June 25th - Statehood Day in Slovenia): a little trip to GEOSS and Vace

GEOSS = geometric center of Slovenia

Vace (Vače) = the location where they discovered hallstatt period situla vase. There's an enlarged replika of it standing in the village.

Afterwards: ice cream with caramel topping. Mmmmm...

I chose Rimmel Black Cherries as my manicure for this end of the week. It chipped really fast though.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

And It Was Such A Beautiful Day...

...too beautiful for Death.

Thursday, 24th of June 2010 - time for some good old punk music

I'm not a huge fan of punk music, but Niet rocks! =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Incoco - Day 6

Here it is. Day 6 of my Incoco Penny Rose manicure. See for yourself:

I just washed my hair and my manicure looks practically the same as it did before. No chips, only the slightest tip wear.

I have a feeling this one could last for days longer, but there is a huge gap between my mani and my cuticles already... I'm so glad I'm removing this. =)

Conclusion: I'm really impressed by the wear of this ''Dry Nail Applique''. I have one more to try (which is a non-glitter) and we'll see what happens.

EDIT: It was a PITA to remove!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do You Feel Love?

EDIT: Too bad, but we have to admit it - England was better. =) I still think our team rocked! And the most important thing: they brought the people of Slovenia together. Well done, boys!

Thanks for looking!

Best Greens - Comparison

Here's how I'm gonna do it: I read the comments on the Incoco mani and although I'm not totally crazy about the color of my current mani, I decided to give it one more day. That means one more hair washing and NO other manicure would survive it on day 6. We'll see what happens. =)

For now: here's a green comparison for you (an old one though). Three famous (must-have) green cremes - China Glaze For Audrey, H&M Bella's Choice and Misa Dirty Sexy Money.

I'm not kidding when I say these are all must-haves. For Audrey is only THE most famous ChG creme - correct me if I'm wrong, H&M's Bella's Choice is your universal turquoise and Misa... there's a reason why it's always OOS on Head2Toe.

Oh my pretties!

So, do you have these? And which are the other must-have greens? Tell me.

Thanks for looking!


I just read two great jokes. =)

''On Monday Spain meets Honduras in Johannesburg... on Tuesday Greece meets Argentina in Polokwane... and on Wednesday England meets France at the ... airport!''

American meets Slovenian and asks him: ''Where's Slovenia?'' Slovenian answers: ''On the top of the group C.''

Hope noone got offended by this. XD

Photo from Irena Sirena

Now I have to take Aishila to the vet. Wish us luck!

EDIT: Just came from the vet. One injection, a pill and a few battle wounds later... and we have to come back on Monday. :/ I guess I'm really lucky I live less than a 5 minute drive from the veterinary station. And Aishila has THE BEST doctor ever. He kept calming her with his voice and he even called her a sweetie. I love seeing a man being so gentle with my cats.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

China Glaze - Entourage

Another ooooold photo of an old manicure.

China Glaze, Entourage

I remember I only swatched this polish to take photos and I immediately removed it after the ''photoshoot'', but this sucker stained my nails. Badly. And I did use a coat of my Nailtek Foundation II... So just a reminder - don't forget to wear base coat. ;)

P.S: Have I mentioned there's a lot of work when you have a vineyard? I just came home and now I'm gonna make some pancakes for all of us. I mean - all of us who were working. =) Internet is a wonderful thing, but not awesome enough to send you pancakes...

Thanks for looking!

Incoco - Day 4

I doubted this ''lasts for up to 14 days'' thing. Now I'll have to re-think that. It's day 4 and my Incoco mani is as new. That doesn't happen very often.


Too bad I'm not digging this pinkish bling bling that much. :/

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Accept!

I accept.... wait for it.... the challenge! =D

Challenge #1: Ivana asked me to do a comparison between Barry M Cobalt Blue and H&M Blue My Mind. LA Girl Deejay and Pure Ice French Kiss wanted to join the party - here they are all lined up.

They look quite similar on this photo, but aren't IRL. Here are the color drops:

Again: they look quite similar... But the most important thing - there aren't any dupes. The weather is gloomy, so these Crappy swatches will have to do. When there's time and sunshine, I'll paint them on my nails and post a photo, OK? Ivana, as you can see H&M and Barry M aren't even close. =)

Challenge #2: Rebecca asked: ''That flower is gorgeous, I wonder if there's a nail polish that colour...'' She was talking about this flower:

There is a nail polish of this color. There is indeed and it's called China Glaze Sun Worshiper! You could also mix a yellow and an orange, but I'm not doing that. ;)

China Glaze, Sun Worshiper

Bonus: I'm getting fat in style. Gourmet Balsamico potato chips - those are the Swedish words for 'Potato chips with balsamic vinegar'. See how I made a Lemony Snicket reference right there? I rock so hard! XD

Thanks for looking!

RAOK from Pkbmum

Look what I got in the mail!

China Glaze Stella and two more Barry M polishes!!! All from my wish list. Thank you so much, Pkbmum! You made my day! :***

My heart almost stopped when I saw that one of the polishes had an accident. OMG, noooooo! Please, don't be broken! It turned out that the cap wasn't tightened enough and the Barry M Cobalt Blue leaked a bit. Too bad, but it could be worse. =) I'm just happy the bottle is whole and there's still nail polish in it.

Aren't they pretty?

Thanks, Pkbmum! :)

China Glaze - Breakin'

Thank goodness I have some photos in my vault to show you, while I'm testing the wear of Incoco nails. =)

China Glaze, Breakin'

I don't remember how many coats it took, but I think it was 2. I didn't like this one at first. And the only reason was - because I don't like orange. But now... It's mine and it's not going anywhere. Isn't it perfect for summer?

It quite cold here and cloudy too, but the heat will come back and this outfit would go perfectly with Breakin'. =)

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not handsome...

but HOT!

Kevin Bacon

John Cusack

They were both on TV today. I couldn't help myself... =)


My mother's lilies are finally blooming. I love these.

I still have Incoco Penny Rose on my nails. And my mani is still looking pretty good altough I took a hot and looooong shower. That usually ruins my mani, but not this time. I still have to wash my hair and we'll see if Incoco survives that one too.

Thanks for looking!


When you open this page, you step into my personal virtual place. There is no place for hate speech against me, my country or my readers here. If you don't agree to that, just leave. If that means I'm gonna loose readers - so be it! I don't care about the ignorant ones anyway.

All of the hate comments will be deleted. And don't be so ''smart'' to post shit anonymously - ever heard of an IP address? ;)

It helps if you have a sense of humor too...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

SpaRitual - Lacquer Remover

I ran out of nail polish remover the other day. Or so I thought. There was a brand new bottle of SpaRitual Lacquer Remover that stood on the shelf. It was a gift from Stephanie and it took me quite some time to remember I have this...

I'm gonna be short and clear - this stuff is *really* good. I don't know how much it costs or where you can buy it (I obviously can't get it here where I live). It has an annoying scent, but it's awesome anyway. I strongly recommend it.

And the bonus: it's not tested on animals. It's even a vegan product. Well done, SpaRituals!

Have you tried this nail polish remover? What do you think about it?

Thanks for looking!

Incoco - Dry Nail Applique

Let me introduce you to - Incoco!

What exactly is Incoco's revolution in nail polish you wonder? It's the world's first non-liquid nail polish.

This is how the nail polish strips look like:

The application is really easy. You can watch the demo HERE.

''Incoco nail polish strips are revolutionizing the industry. Each glossy strip provides a base coat, color coat and top coat. You can remove our strips with regular nail polish remover.''

I didn't use any top coat with these Incoco strips. I just followed the application instructions and that was it. I had some troubles finding the right size for my nails, but I think it went pretty well for the first time, don't you think?

Incoco, Oscar Night

Today I tried Incoco for the second time. I have to say it went really easy. The next time I'll be applying my strips, I'll do it in no time. =)

Incoco, Penny Rose

Each package of Incoco Dry Nail Applique includes:
* 16 double-ended color strips
* mini file
* cuticle stick
* reseal tape
* polish removal cloth
* instruction booklet

What do I think of it: I have to say I was really interested when I first heard about this new dry nail polish. I think it was Angie who told me about it (thanks, Angie!). I didn't expect to much from it, but I was excited to try it anyway. As I already said, the application was a bit tricky the first time: finding the right size for my nails, placing the strip correctly on my nail, removing the excess... But the manicure looked nice anyway. Today I tried it for the second time and the application was a breeze. =) Incoco ''promises'' this manicure will last up to 14 days. Well, that's not exactly true. At least not in my case. And although they say this strips are 3 in 1 (base, color and top coat), I still use a regular fast dry top coat with it. The strips are quite gentle and it can happen that you scrape it off - especially in the first couple of hours while wearing it. The removal is as easy as they say.

+ no smell
+ no drying time
+ application (need no clean-up)

- finding the right size/shape for your nails
- application (can be tricky)
- price

Conclusion: I like the idea, but I think it's still a diamond in the rough. It would be *wonderful* if they made designs like Minx has. Or foils. I don't mean the foil finish, but those foils I wore a couple of times, remember. I'd definitely use this system, but the price is too high for me. For special occasions? Sure. For every day? Not really.

Visit Incoco website for more information.

Thanks for looking!
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