Friday, January 21, 2011

Green Comparisons

Ready for another comparisons?

Let's see the mint shimmers (once again).

I already did a comparison between Catrice and Claire's, but this time I added Colorama in Absinto. I have to add I love this name. Green fairy indeed. =D The bottles are in the same order as above (from top to bottom): Catrice, Colorama, Claire's and Catrice one more time.

I applied two coats of each, but I guess I could apply another one. I'm not too happy with the opacity of these three. I am very happy with the color of Absinto though. It's my favorite one because it's colder and bluer than Catrice and Claire's. Absinto is the winner in my book.

And here are some random green cremes. For your pleasure. ;) Claire's Kelly Green, Risque Verde Esmeralda, Sally Hansen Mint Sprint and Orly Enchanted Forest.

Mint Sprint and Enchanted Forest took 2 coats, Kelly Green and Verde Esmeralda took 3 coats. Sally Hansen is the most opaque of them all (in 1 coat, but I added another one for depth). Claire's dries to a semi-matte finish while Risque is the only jelly in the group.

See anything you like?

Thanks for looking!


  1. It's so hard for me to wear green polishes. I only have few, and my fav is OPI Jade is the new black. You look great with them, instead :)

  2. Absinto is my fave too! And the Risque jelly green is gorgeous

  3. Dang it, I had a chance to pick up Enchanted Forest for almost nothing and now I regret it! :(

  4. I love Verde Esmeralda! So pretty and shiny :) Ooh, Absinto looks nice - will have to try to franken it, maybe add some blue to my Sold out forever...

  5. V prvi skupini bi izbrala Absinto, v drugi pa Enchanted Forest.

  6. Orly Enchanted Forest in SH Mint Sprint - AH! <3

  7. green is my favourite color ever @.@ i wish i had your hands :D

  8. I only own the Sally Hansen and the Orly. Love them all. My favorite shade of polish.

  9. Absinto and Mint Sprint look very tempting!

  10. Ooooh I love them all! I am such a green fanatic! Your swatches are *gorgeous* (as always).

    By the way, I just tagged you on my blog. :)

  11. Absinto is a perfect Chanel Jade dupe. Or so I heard :)
    I remember I went completely head over heels when I first wore it and bought like 4 bottles of it lol!
    I ended up giving them away in swaps, but it is a lovely polish indeed!

  12. OwO! This mint sprint is gorgeous! I loved it!


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