Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hits - Biquini

Sarah from Them Pretty Colors and I arranged a swap in 2010. I wasn't at home for the holidays and it was a nice surprise to see a package full of Brazilian goodies when I got back home. Wanna see what I got? Of course, why am I even asking. =) Here are the color drops:

A lot of blue cremes... I think I finally have the right light blue creme I always wanted.

Purples. Sancion Angel and Top Beauty one are holographic.

And greens. Military green FTW!

I can't wait to try them all. I decided to start with Hits Biquini. It's a gorgeous cornflower blue creme. The application was great and I'm really impressed with the formula and brush on this one. It was opaque in one coat, but I used two coats anyway. I love it!

See any shades you'd like to have in your collection?

Thanks for looking!


  1. ahh these are so nice! I adore simple cremes and i've been looking for the perfect blue sometime too

  2. What a pretty color :) I'm excited for the holographic ones, especially Top Beauty!

  3. Wonderful colors. Especially this one, on your nails.

  4. Happy 2011 :-)
    I'd happily have all of the purples. I quite like the look of Risque Cigarette and a couple of the greens too.

  5. I love this color but out of all the swatches my favs are - Rivka Lia
    and colorama Noite de gala

    so freaking pretty!

  6. These drops look gorgeus, I want all of them =)
    It will be great to see Lara and Lia swatches.

  7. happy 2011.... komaj čakam, da pokažeš vijolčne odtenke :) res so mi lepi:)

  8. Impala Valentina looks so gorgeous! Hits Biquini is very nice though.

  9. I love foreign brands. Enjoy these new beauties, they look awesome on you, as usual.
    Can't wait to see some more

  10. All of these are so pretty!! I would love to have them all after all my favorites are blues and greens :D

  11. this has to be the best swap ever,can't wait to see the swatches :)

  12. > See any shades you'd like to have in your collection?

    Almost all :D :D

  13. The most popular nail polish here in brazil is Renda (which is almost transparent) and we have a big variety of red. But the brazilian market is learning to create other kind of colors and finishes; now we can find some different polishes ("esmaltes", how we call)

  14. oh i want that Sancion Angel - Ariel! =)

  15. Hey sweetie,

    Glad to see they arrived safely to you!
    I was worried that the package had been lost!

    Enjoy your new polishes ;)

  16. Ummm I'd have to say for green Rivka Lara and Ariel they are sooo pretty! For the blues all of them need I say why? ;)

  17. rivka is really pretty. theyre all somewhat unique sooo yea, i'd take one of each!

  18. I love when you wear/show our Brazilian polishes. I've got almost all of those you received and love them. I also have some American ones and although I like them I don't really think they are much better than ours. The polish fenomen has arrived in Brazil and it's not gonna end any soon. Thank God! I love your pictures, especially the ones with the pets. I'm an animal lover too.

  19. Hii! coll Nihrida is showing brazillian nail polish!! heheh

    I´m from Brasil if anyone want to swap send me a email.
    sam_urbach at gmail dot com

    i love bikini! and azulle, it's my favorites.

  20. Those greens are gorgeous! Beautiful blue on you. Love that shade.

  21. I'm from brazil and i'm so glad you like the brazilian polish!!!!

    Hits it's the better one! Great colors and incredible quality!


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