Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KDDIS - Cuticle Oil

Here's another product from Born Pretty store I got for review: KDDIS Cuticle Oil. I got a ''six pack'' of oils in six different scents: apple, kiwi, pomegranate, peach, strawberry and orange. Please, don't ask me why it says ''apple oil'' on four out of six boxes. I have no idea.

I tried these cuticle oils and they're pretty much the same. The only difference between them is the scent, which is very subtle (too subtle IMO) - if you don't sniff your fingers while applying this oil, you won't even smell it. This oil comes in a pen-like packaging with a brush on one end. I think you all get the idea of how this thing is used.

So... I tried this stuff. And I hate it. First of all: I don't like the packaging. You have to twist one end in order to get the oil on the brush. You twist and twist and there's no oil... so you twist some more and suddenly you have a s*itload of oil on the brush. The other problem is the product itself. It just doesn't feel right. It's not oily, it's somehow sticky and I have a feeling like I put a lip gloss on my cuticles. This oil didn't soften my cuticles or make them look better. It just sat there on my fingers until I washed it off.

Here are the product's description, instructions and ingredients... If I typed it myself, you wouldn't believe it. This is first class Engrish.=)

I wouldn't recommend you to buy this product, but if you want to try it, you can buy it in Born Pretty online store.

*Product was sent to me by Born Pretty. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. predobro mi je to sto si iskrena, svaka cast!

  2. Andrea sent me one of these. I found them to be ok as a "to-go" cuticle moisturizer, but the effect does not last very long...

    And it is engrish indeed lol

  3. Looks like a good way to deliver cuticle oil. Shame looks are deceiving. I have a lipgloss that does the same thing. By the time you get some product out it's too much.

  4. Engrish, hahah. I know, everything is explained in weird words in their emails too.
    It looked really nice to me too cause I love apple scented things, but I'm glad I didn't get it.


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