Sunday, January 23, 2011

Purple Comparisons

Wanna see some more comparisons?

Lilac cremes: Essence No More Drama, China Glaze Light as Air, Hits Brisa do Mar and Essence Date Me from the Cute as Hell trend edition.

I applied 2 coats of each and here is how they look like.

Wanna know which is which? They're all different, but I think Brisa do Mar and Date Me are close enough not to own both. What do you think?

I really like the color of Can You Dig It, but OPI and I don't get along very well. That's why I went through my stash in search of a dupe. And you know what? I think I found it. I present: OPI Can You Dig It, Color Club Ms. Socialite and P2 Chic.

Here they are on my nails, looking pretty.

I applied 2 coats of each and I have to add they all applied like a dream. Perfect! I realized two things after I doing this comparison:
1) I LOVE the P2 purple. It has the right amount of red and blue. Gorgeous!
2) Ms. Socialite is a ''close enough'' dupe of OPI Can You Dig It. XD

Let me know you thoughts!

Thanks for looking!


  1. P2 Chic is very nice! And I've just realized I need more purple in my collection ^^

  2. Proof that you gotta swatch to compare...because looking at the bottle shots, I'da picked the P2 as the dupe for the OPI. Nice that you can find a dupe for about 1/4 the price of the OPI.
    I have the same issue with OPI.

  3. if i know i want a certain color ill look at multiple swatches before buying it (this usually applies to ones i order online or ones that cost more then 5$ in a store) i dont really get into trouble until i find one that looks cute and buy it on a whim! but at that point theyre usually only a dollar or two and theres no real damage done.

    thanks for the comparisons i loooooove looking at these!

  4. Thanks for the comparisons. They're all so pretty. I don't own a one of them! I'm sure I have something else like them. Love the deeper purples.

  5. Ooh, these all look lovely although ym personal favourites are No More Drama and P2 Chic.

    ps your niece is adorable :-)

  6. wow lovely that p2 coloooor loveeeee it

    I have a request can u make a comparasion with red glitter colors like ruby pumps?

  7. @Maria: I don't know if I have any other red glitter polishes in my collection, but I'll try. =)

  8. Hahah I sent you so many dupes *sigh*...

  9. @Sarah: I guess I just have too many polishes. =D

  10. wow! can you dig it & ms socialite are exactly the same! awesome swatches!!!

  11. here in italy the opi e-shop sells a bottle for .... 15 euros! that means 18$ is pretty absurd :/

    so that's why i just buy china glaze online , essence, catrice, konad , deborah , pupa ( last 2 are italian brands) , mavala and so on...
    to me is a pretty idk steal? :P

  12. @chienkiri: OPI goes for the same price here in Slovenia too. That's just crazy. BTW: Essence's quality is getting better and better and it's cheap too.

  13. lol absurd!
    u know what? the admin of the fan page opi italy
    says that is illegal to buy opi for an italian anywhere else, in this case i would say "f***!" XD

  14. Say what?!?! O.o Illegal? My as*. XD

  15. so so pretty! I've been uhmming and ahhing over whether to buy a lilac coloured polish and this has made my mind up for me ;)


  16. I love your blog and I loved the comparisons.
    It's so nice to see that you've been swatching so many brazilian polishes lately. How did you get them?
    I'm from Brazil, and I think even though "Hits" is a relatively new brand, it's one of the best here. Their formula is usually really good. Keep up the good work =)

  17. @Michelle: Thanks! I got these polishes from a fellow blogger Sarah from Brazil (she has a blog called Them Pretty Colors). ;) I agree with you about the Hits polishes, they rock!


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