Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Born Pretty Rhinestone Wheel

Long, long time ago I got this rhinestone wheel from Born Pretty store. It's time for me to finally tell you about it. This is how it looks like:

These rhinestones are round shaped and come in 12 different colors. They have a flat back which allows you to stick the rhinestones to whichever surface you want pretty easily.

I used these rhinestones on my nails: First I applied Carlo di Roma nail polish, stamped my nails with Bundle Monster image plates and black nail polish and then I added one rhinestone on each nail.

I also used them as a part of my eye make up look which you've seen before.

Price: 3.33 USD per wheel

Where to buy? Born Pretty online store.


Yeah, these rhinestones are pretty nice if you're into nail art. I, personally, find them too big for use on nails. That's why I gave them to my sister - I bet she'll do some serious greeting cards with them. =)

*Product was sent to me by Born Pretty Store. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I ♥ rhinestones especially for nail art =) Love the design u did with the bundle monster plate and the eye look is fab too =D

  2. love this design!
    gorgeous eye make up as well

  3. I have a very similar rhinestone wheel - I'd love to find smaller, but it seems those are a little harder to come by.

  4. I´m not a rhinestone fan, but I love the eye look!
    Also like the nails a lot, nice pattern!

  5. That eye make up is just amazing!

    I also prefer smaller rhinestones on nailart use, though sometimes one bigger one can work too - just gets very impractical on every day use! :)

  6. Love the eye makeup with the rhinestone in the corner of your eye. Like the manicure also.

  7. Do you use eyelash glue to apply the stones to the skin? I've bought a pack many years ago and never used them after the first go as I didn't like the profile on the nail (too chunky) but love the idea of using them on the face...

  8. @Lianne: Yes, that's right. I use eyelash glue to stick the rhinestones to my face. =) I don't like to wear them on my nails either. It bothers me.


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