Thursday, March 10, 2011

a England - Lady of the Lake

Here's first of the a England polishes I got today: Lady of the Lake.

Lady of the Lake is described as a dusky purple with rainbow glimmer and glow. It's basically a muted purple with holographic shimmer. The finish, however, is not what I would call holographic. But that's just fine with me.

The formula is just right. That means it's neither runny nor thick/goopy. The application was very easy due to good formula and brush. I didn't have to clean up my cuticles after polishing - not even one bit. Drying time was OK, I just can't talk about the wear yet. It looks great so far.

a England, Lady of the Lake, 2 coats

Look, I even took my camera and shot this beauty outdoors. =)

Price: £9.50 for 13 mL (~ €11)

Where to buy? a England online shop

*Product was sent to me by a England. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

 Thanks for looking!


  1. That's a very pretty polish!!!

  2. Looks like a great polish to wear alone (i mean with no nail art because it's gorgeous by it's own). I wish i had one like that right now because i'm not in the mood for nail art or konad.

  3. I love the shade of purple, and i agree with you, the glitter is perfect, it doesnt need to be holographic! x
    Emily @emilysnailfiles

  4. That's a gorgeous polish. Now that you've swatched it I can see the beauty in it.

  5. This purple is just lovely! Thank you for the great pics.


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