Thursday, March 10, 2011

Evil Shades Swatches

I just realized that I still haven't swatched my Evil Shades eyeshadows properly. Well, I did it today! Here are the shades Andrea kindly sent me. They're all swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Suffocation - Medium pink with blue/purple undertones. I swear I see an aqua sheen when I apply this one. It's very subtle though. Pretty and gentle.

Devil's Bonfire - Blackest of black shadow erupting with holographic glitter. Don't worry, you won't look like a clown wearing this black shade full of holographic shimmer. From my experience the shimmer flashes mostly pink and green. It gives the ''oomph'' to the classic matte black. This one is one of my favorites.

Whooo Are U - Light yellow based green with shimmer. This pistachio color is really packed with shimmer. This is my least favorite.

Zombie - Blackened red toned burgundy wine with shimmer. Oh my, this one is gorgeous. The photo doesn't do it justice. It almost look like a crushed burgundy metal. Love this one.

Twinkle, Twinkle - Bright light yellow shimmer. It is what it is - shimmery light yellow. Quite pigmented but (unfortunately) not my cup of tea.

Heartless Queen - True red with pink undertones and shimmer. Bright, strong and edgy red shade. What's not to love?

13th Hour - Deep shimmer blue. I can't find this shade on the Evil Shades website, so I don't know the official description of this one. I'd call it a gunmetal grey with blue undertone. It's shimmery, dark and it's gorgeous.
P.S: I couldn't find it on the ES site, because I was looking in the wrong folder. It doesn't look blue to me...

Banshee - Medium bright teal with shimmer. This one is more turquoise/aqua then teal. Another one that is packed with shimmer.

My favorites are Devil's Bonfire, Zombie, Heartless Queen and 13th Hour. Shocking, right? ;) The ones I mentioned are really very pigmented. Well, so are the other four, but the color isn't that strong, so you can't really see it on the photo.  

Here's a quick look I did with the Heartless Queen and Devil's Bonfire. I used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base and everything went downwards from there. I simply can not work with this Pixie stuff. I don't know how. The colors weren't as vibrant as when I was swatching them (and I used PE in both cases). I just give up! See the difference between the red above and this one on the make up photo? Not just a photographic failure.

*Samples were sent to me by Evil Shades. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I have sometimes hard time using Pixie Epoxy especially when I need to blend something - it just doesn't happen. Every now and then it works well so could be also the eyeshadows that some just don't really work with it.

    I like Evil Shades eyeshadows but I try to stay away from most glittery ones (from all brands) since it will all end up on my cheek anyway.

  2. Meni je ravno ta rdeca zelo vsec. <3
    Pixie epoxy uporabis cez primer, ne?
    Damn.. bi ti rada pomagala, ampak bi morala prej narociti novega, ker sem moj sample izgubila, ahem.. <.<

  3. @Duvessa: With PE, I can just forget blending. I hear you. Eyeshadow does not belong on cheeks. =)

    @Tamara: A veš da še nisem prišla tako daleč... Glede na to, da PE ni primer, potem ja, ga uporabiš preko primerja. Tole bo še trajalo, preden bom naštudirala...

  4. I'm wearing "Whooo Are U" on my lids today with Aromaleigh's Expecto Atronum in my crease. <3 Green!

  5. P.S. I ordered some Pixie Epoxy because I have trouble getting glittery shadows to stay vibrant all day. I have read that some girls only use the PE on their eyelids and have the rest of the primer (I use Evil Shades :P) on the rest of their eyes so it's easier to blend, but I fail at blending anyways. I'll try it out.

    And your make looks teh sex anyways.

  6. Wow those colours are amazing. I love what you did with the Heartless Queen and Devil's Bonfire swatches, beautiful result.

  7. My god your eyelashes are SO long and lush. I love ES and I love your swatches.

  8. I have yet to try Pixie epoxy but my understanding is that there is a strong learning curve with it. I'm to busy to learn so I just use normal primer. I'll send you some to try.
    P.S. Have I told you lately how gorgeous you are?!

  9. Your swatches are so beautiful - I love how organized they are as well. Very pretty colors, especially Heartless Queen! :)

  10. There is this really good epoxy tutorial on the cosmetic viking. He uses it for a bunch of his looks and they all come out looking great.

    I think yours came out great too. ^_^

  11. Hello!
    For the pixie epoxy, make sure you let it "dry" like 30second, then press the pigment on it (not dragging it).
    If it's difficult to blend, add some more eyeshadow.
    I always put a little quantity on the back of my hand, and then apply on the lid with the finger to have a very thin coat. You can also layer it for more depth!
    Anyway, that red suits your eyes very well :)

  12. Great swatches!!! I have these colors too except for Twinkle Twinkle (which I love lol)
    I have been fiddling with PE too, practice is the keyword here :-) xox

  13. Love Evil Shades minerals. Such pigmented and interesting colors. Zombie is my favorite. Andrea also has the most wornderful names for her products. You look fantastic in the red. I have to try mine out.

  14. Gorgeous swatches! Heartless Queen is GORGEOUS. I want it!


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