Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Miss My Old Nails

My nails used to be strong, healthy and long in May 2010. I miss them.
I can't grow my nubbins to a respectable length and I have no idea why... That sucks.

I'm wearing Barry M Turquoise on the photo.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Amazing photo if u ask me. I have the same problem girl. Mine can't be long for a long time, because I'm having problems with breakage

  2. Think about all the things that have changed in your life since then. Sometimes it could be medical or something. When our bodies need to fight off and protect our bodies physically the secondary processes go by the wayside. Maybe it's stress or a medication or something combination of these things! Also, I don't know if you've tried Biotin, but that's supposed to work!

  3. :) Uh, men so pa zdej lepši tvoji nohtki:) te so mi predolgi:):) hehe

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  5. How I understand you!
    I used to be very satisfied of my nails before and now when they're naked they're a bit damaged and they must lack something... and I've been breaking them duringcrazy housework sessions, and I want them longer!
    But well, I think that we now have to find back a little patience :)

  6. I think you have lovely nails! But Im the same, long healthy nails in the summer and then when winter comes around, they go really weak and I have to cut them down. Im currently babying them so theyll grow nice and long again :)

  7. such a pretty picture. I love the colors. my nails used to be so weak, but i started using pills for nails, hair and skin with vitamin B5 and C and now my nails are strong! maybe they have something like this where you live too.

  8. Možno je, da ti primanjkuje določenih snovi v telesu in tako nohti ne morejo biti močni. Morda bi poskusila s kakšnimi kvalitetnimi prehranskimi dodatki, recimo Perfectil (za nohte, lase in kožo). Škoditi ne more...

  9. Jaz tudi! Ampak sem se že sprijaznila, raje krajše in lepe kot dolge in kr ene. :)) Tvoji so pa itak popolni ne glede na dolžino. :) Slikca je prekraaaasna! <3

  10. That is a lovely picture! The colours are so vibrant and happy. Although I think your nails look great here, I also think shorter nails are just as nice! (But then again I would!)

  11. krasna fotka... a nokti su dobri i kraći ako mene pitaš :-)

  12. Ugh, I'm with you...I used to have crazy long nails (not that long ago actually, like a month) and now that I started a new job that involves a lot of water I can't grow them out for shit, which upsets me way more than it should. I also had to cut them with clippers for the first time in about a year which I know causes a lot of damage to my nails. Le sad.

  13. Those pictures are just wonderful! I hope you find something that helps your nails. I have had a lot of trouble with peeling and I found the perfect base coat...and it's discontinued. So I have my one bottle and then I'll probably be going back to peeling nails. Anyway, the point is that I sympathize.

  14. Beautiful photo. My nails used to be decently long but lately they've been breaking. Mainly my index and middle fingers. I wish all of my nails were as strong as my pinkie nails, they're like iron for some reason! I'm thinking of taking Biotin, maybe that's something you can look into as well. :) Good luck!

  15. So many things can have an effect on nail health. Stress, diet, meds, base coats, how you use your hands, etc. My nails have started growing faster and my ridges went away after I forced myself to stop picking at my cuticles & using cuticle oil every day. Also, they used to split and peel like crazy until I switched base coats. Now I'm using this stuff called "Nail Life" that I get from sally's(I'm in the USA, so I dunno if you can get it anywhere else) and it is amazing. I use the formaldehyde free version & I know it's supposedly impossible for any polish to affect nail growth, but I swear it makes them grow SO much faster. Makes them much stronger too.

  16. Hi Sasha.

    First of all you have to check up with your doctor to see if everything's OK with you.

    But I had the same problem with my thumb nail, but the reason was a trauma (I broke my nail not horizontal like the normal break, but vertical - I don't know if it makes scence), so I ended cuting every nails to make them the same size.

    I used "Nail Shield" from Mavala to help me protect my nails (its a duo with a fiber glass and a smother) and I also used "Essence Nail Oil", that «cares and revitalises nails enhancing their growth».

    Try it out and tell us what you think.

    I've been wanting to do a post about it, maybe I'll do it this week.

    Big Hug

  17. Could be your medication. They all have so many side effects. I know you take medicine for depression. I do also. I've been taking Biotin and that helps. My nails are so much stronger. They may not be long but they have improved. Nails and hair grow faster in the Summer so we'll both have to wait and see what happens. You have beautifully shaped nails and hands. Your nails look pretty at either length.

  18. I've had weak thin nails all my life despite eating a very clean healthy diet and typing all day long at most of my jobs. I think the only thing that has worked for me is adding supplements and treatments.

    One HG product that truly works for me is using Barielle Instant Liquid Nail Hardener as my base coat. I also paint it under my nails (once they got long enough to do this).

    I also use Onymyrrhe, which is a 100% natural nail treatment/strengthener made from... the myrrh plant. I paint it on/around my cuticles and massage it in every night. I got this at Sally Beauty Supply.

    I also supplement with 5,000mcg Biotin daily.

    Right now my nails are 6-7mm past the tip of my fingers. That's a FIRST in my lifetime!

    I also baby them like crazy. I always wear gloves when doing housework and am extra careful not to *bang* them on anything and NEVER use them as tools to open anything.

    Hope you find your HG products that work for you. ;)

  19. Mine are thin and I work at a job where I have to clean dishes, mop, make smoothies and wear those stupid plastic gloves that make your hands sweat. I know how you feel.


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