Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shop 'Til I Drop

Bag Graceland, Deichmann, 14.90 €

Stockings Deichmann, 1 € each

Herbal Essences, Spitzen Star, 2 €

Tana Eyelash Curler, 8.49 €

Shoes Two Way, 14.99 €

Galahad in action. =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice goodies!! Oh how shopping can make everything right for a moment, well, for me it works that way! But then usually, when arriving home again and realising how much money you've spend, the guilt comes around haha ;)

  2. Nice choice, I want to ask you which nail polish do you have on? Thanks.

  3. Wow--- those are a pair of hardcore ballet flats (if I can even call them that!)

  4. @Iris: Exactly! But this time I feel no guilt. =)

    @B: It's a England's Galahad.

  5. Excellent choices! You'll have to model some outfits. Stop hiding your gorgeous face! Love those shoes. They are fantastic looking.

  6. I love the shoes and your hair is sooo amazing!!!

  7. Oh my, I really, REALLY want those shoes.
    Such a shame they can't be found in Sweden, they're near perfection with all the buckles and straps.

  8. Love the shoes! :) Sorry haven't popped in as often as I did, too many things happening in the past few months. I've done a little trip recently & would post the pictures when I could. Hope you're well. :)

  9. That bag and your earrings are amazing! The shoes are super awesome too but I think they'd make my short little legs look even stumpier ; ;

  10. I loooove all the acessories you use!
    aaa you should make a post telling us the ebay shops you buy :)) i'd faint hahah

  11. Loving all your goodies, but especially the shoes, is there an online store, wish I could get them here in the UK, they are a must have! xx

  12. I love your earrings, where are they from? :)

  13. @Susan: I don't have any favorite Ebay shops, I just buy what I like in whatever store they have it. =)

    @pkbmum: No, unfortunately they don't have an online store...

    @Biberlee: They're from C&A. Got them for 2€. =)


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