Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Born Pretty False Eyelashes & Eye Charm

People from Born Pretty online store contaced me a while ago and asked me to review some of their products. I chose these false eyelashes (#113). You can find them in their online store - here.

I also got this false eyelash glue. It's called Eye Charm and it features some Engrish as well. :D

So, back to false eyelashes. I found these very hard to work with. I followed the instructions on Born Pretty website, but I still couldn't manage to apply them properly. It could be my fault and I admit I'm not very skillfull when it comes to falsies. But then again, I did use other lashes from their store as well as Illamasqua ones and I didn't have any problems with those... What's the main problem? The band of these eyelashes is fairly hard. I had to use my fingers to soften it and it did work to some level, but it wasn't enough. The application caused me a lot of troubles and the inner part of falsies just didn't want to stick to the eyelid. You can see it on the photo, which was taken after a good amount of time spent to soften and stick the flasies to my lid.

I was disappointed with the false eyelashes, but I really like the glue though. It's easy to apply it on the band of the falsies and it works really well. I used it to apply my other eyelashes as well - remember my previous review? This glue has a funky smell, but it disappears once it dries. I recommend this!

Price: $3.03 for 10 pairs of false eyelashes and $2.84 for 21 g of glue.

Where to buy? Born Pretty online store.

*Products were sent to me by Born Pretty. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I have those eyelashes (ordered from Hong Kong via Ebay) and they are really hard to work with. I am quite harsh on the band before it gives in some but still not enough and usually inner corner will pop off the lid at some point. I've never tried the eye charm thingie since it's meant to be used to create a crease (for those who have monolids) and I have seen someone use it to apply glitter on to lids :D

  2. I ordered the same stuff and that glue made my eyes red and my skin swollen and I couldn't get it off for days :( so I switched to DuoLash glue which is a miracle in a tube. I recommend it, just so that you don't end up having the same experience I do, I'd hate to see that happen :(
    Lots of love, your blog is amazing!

  3. @Duvessa: Exactly! Mine poped off in the inner corner as well. Eye charm is used to make a crease for those with monolids as well as a false eyelash glue. It's supposed to be eye safe, so I also use it for applying rhinestones and other eye bling bling. ;)

    @Christine: Thanks for sharing your experience with it! I didn't have any problems with this glue, but I guess we're all different. I would always use the safest choice when it comes to my eyes, so thanks! :*

  4. It's sad that the band is so hard, because I love how those eyelashes look.

  5. I haven't tried false lashes yet. I have a couple of pairs. Shame the band is so hard to soften.

  6. Eye charm glue works amazingly, however, be carefull using it with sensitive skin! My eyelids have gone red and puffy and has lasted nearly 2 weeks now!


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