Sunday, April 24, 2011

Essence Bella - Green Comparison

Ana politely asked me to do a comparison between Essence Bella and Crazy Me from the Crazy About Color Trend Edition. I added Milani's Fresh Teal And Sally Hansen's Mint Sprint which are the closest colors in my green collection.

Here they are (in reversed order) on my nails. I used 2 coats of each, except with Mint Sprint. One coat of Sally Hansen's polish was enough. Impressive!

As you can see, they're all different. Bella doesn't come very close to Crazy Me. Bella applies better and Crazy Me appears to be a tad jelly-ish when compared to the other shades. Both are nice though.
Mint Sprint is lighter and has a yellow undertone. It's a definite quality winner from these. It needs only one coat and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.
Fresh Teal by Milani looks a lot like Bella in real life. Since FT is a neon, it photographs more blue-ish, but the difference between it and Bella isn't as noticeable as it is on the photo.

Conclusion: Bella is a great shade and the quality is awesome. You get a great product for less than €2.00. I can only say I highly recommend it. Other shades are very good as well (quality and color wise) and all are worth buying.

Which one is your favorite? Do you own any of them? If yes: do you think the same about the quality of it as I do?

Thanks for taking your time and reading this!


  1. Nice greens and nice review, thanks.

  2. Ooo, hvala za primerjavo! Zlata si. Bom si še kar Bella lak omislila ;) ***

  3. they're all so pretty! I think I like the Milani best though!

  4. fresh teal and bella keep staring at me!! haha all the colors are gorgeous!

  5. I love greens! The only one of these brands I see where I live is the Sally Hansen. I think I like the slightly more teal greens better, though. Thanks for the review. Lovely looking nails as always!

  6. Greens are my favorite. I love each and every one of them.


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