Saturday, April 23, 2011

Essence - Bella

Bella is a gorgeous bright green from the new Essence nail art twins line. You can wear it on it's own or top it with sparkling Edward for a special ''bling-bling'' effect. I don't like Edward very much (*sparkle, sparkle*), so here she is - on her own.

Essence, Nail Art Twins, Bella, 2 coats

This polish is amazing. The color is beautiful and the formula is perfect. Two thin coats and that's it. The application was easy and not problematic at all. Another winner and a must have from Essence. I love it!

Thanks for looking!


  1. That shade is perfect!!! I want it so bad! It's such a shame that essence here don't carry many products. All essence stands are very small and new collections take ages to appear... we don't have any of the twins or nail art stuff... :(
    Can't wait to go abroad again, so I can try to get my hands in some new essence stuff!

  2. Se totalno strinjam glede tega laka s tabo. Tale je must have. Meni je Bella eden najljubših in najboljših lakov med Essencovimi novostmi.

  3. Oh, dear, I knew it would be beautiful! Thank you, Nihrida, for this post :)

  4. Such a pretty shade. Looks wonderful on you. I found that Essence is sold in Ulta stores. I looked online and Ulta doesn't carry much. Certainly not the really fantastic shades.

  5. I constantly go back to this and the post for Essence's Let's Get Lost whenever I see them in the 'Related' section - they both look so, so beautiful!


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