Saturday, April 23, 2011

Essence Eyeshadow in Blue Mission

I tried one of the Essence eyeshadows I swatched a couple of days ago - Blue Mission. It looks amazing when you look at it in the pot - beautiful periwinkle matte eyeshadow. Once I've tried it with my finger, it didn't look as good, but it was still somewhat attractive. Now that I've tried it on my eyes ... I'm just so disappointed.

This is how it looks.

Products I used for this look:
* Essence eyeshadow in Blue Mission
* Essence Black Mania eye pencil
* Essence Stays On and On and On mascara
* Rimmel eyeshadow in Jet Black

Price: 1.89 € for 0.08 oz/2.5 g

Where to buy? Wherever Essence cosmetics are available.

I tried to write pros and cons for this product, but I'm afraid that's almost impossible to do. I couldn't think of one good reason for purchasing this color. I don't expect much from my eyeshadows. Urban Decay Primer Potion takes care of the staying power of all my shadows (and it does a hell of a job too). The only thing I want from a shadow is - pigmentation. And that's the main reason to buy it in the first place, right? The color!
Well, this one failed me. Miserably.

I have four Essence eyeshadows in front of me while I'm typing this. Two from the old line and two from the new line. Three are better pigmented than one. And those three are all shimmers and the not-so-pigmented-one is Blue Mission, which is matte. Essence can't make a good matte shadow?
Oh, and one more thing. Shadows from the old line were made in Germany, while shadows from the new line were made in Poland. I don't know if that makes any difference quality wise, but it's good to know. Just in case.

To sum this up: I don't recommend you to buy this color. If you're like me and have to learn from your own mistakes, at least try the tester in the store before purchase. I know it's cheap, but it's still too darn pricey for being a crappy product.

Why are Essence products a total win OR an epic failure? *scratches head*

Thanks for looking!


  1. From my experience, the Essence e/s on LE are usually better than those on the standard display. It depends on the product, anyway. I'm very happy with one of the trios from the Secrets of the Past LE, which is a matte one btw. I liked the IloveBerlin palette -great for travelling.
    I wish I had bought at least one Catrice eyeshadow to just try the brand's big sister and compare them somehow.
    Trying the tester is a good idea, but sometimes we get really carried away.

  2. @Maybe: Hvala ti! =)

    @marox79: Hmmm... I didn't think of that. I don't buy products from the TE's that much, I guess.
    You know, sometimes I feel like the quality of some testers isn't the same as the quality of the products you buy. But then again, I might be just fooling myself. XD

  3. I hate when the color is so pretty but not much pigmentation. Your makeup always look impeccable.


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