Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Essence Eyeshadow Swatches

Quick swatches of four Essence eyeshadows. This is how they look in the pot.

And swatched on my fingers.

Irresistible - shadow with a metallic effect. Very soft and the pigmentation is great. This one is perfect for nude/natural make up.

Get Ready - shadow with a shimmer effect. Not so soft and the pigmentation is not the best. It's a beautiful brown though. Worth it's price.

Forest Gump - shadow with a shimmer effect. Amazingly soft and pigmented. Worth every cent.

Blue Mission - shadow with matte effect. I wanted this shadow even before it hit the stores. Electric periwinkle without shimmer? Give it to me! I was a little disappointed because the color payoff isn't what I wanted it to be. It's still a good shadow.

I got me some Black Mania as well. This is my favorite black pencil and now I have mascara as well. I'm satisfied with the effect. I'll try to review it sometime in the future. =)

Which are your favorite Essence eyeshadow shades? I want to know which one to buy next. ;)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Cool purchases. I'll eager wait for review of the Blackmania pencil+mascara.

  2. Btw, one of the new eyeshadows, a while duochrome is said to be a good dupe of the famous Nars highlighter.

  3. Forest Gump is such a beauty! But do Essence eyeshadows last on you? On me they're not wonderful...

  4. I meni je black mania olovka medu najdrazima. a sjenila su mi tako tako, moram priznati da me nijedno nije pretjerano :)

  5. Loving the two neutral shades :D

  6. Forest Gump is really pretty. Love green eye shadow. Love to see some eye makeup looks.

  7. @marox 79: Thanks for the info. Will try it out! =)

    @Theallamenta: They last if I use Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath... and that's a must for me. =)

    @VariolaVera: Res niso presežek kvalitete, vendar so solidna za takšno ceno. ;)

  8. Uuu, Forest Gump moram nabaviti *__*
    Moja najljubša Essence (sicer jih nimam veliko..) je 35-Party All Night :) Čudovita metallic bronzy senčka, dobro pigmentirana in mehka. :))

  9. I generally don't like Essence eyeshadows but I like every other product from the brand!

  10. Metropolitan and Party All Night are both gorgeous. :)

  11. Get ready and irresistible are so pretty I can imagine using them together for a nude makeup! really pretty!


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