Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Grass Snake

Where are the times when cats hunted mice and rats? Aishila and Jimi seem to like reptiles a bit too much. Aishila wanted to have this small grass snake (Natrix Natrix) for lunch today. No can go, baby doll!

Grass snakes are the most common snakes here in Slovenia. And they're non-venomous.
This pretty little thing was saved. This time. Better watch out, 'cause Aishila is always on the hunt.

Thanks for looking!


  1. We used to have those when I lived overseas. They would get in those house though. Love snakes.

  2. loool... are you sure she is not a V? Have a good easter sunday ;)

  3. AAAAAAAAAA! Umrem, da jo vidim. :(

  4. @L: Thankfully, there aren't any snakes in our houses. =D

    @Cazalolotte: A V? As in viper? or...?

    @Ivana: Ne bi, ne bi. Saj bi se je jaz tudi ustrašila, brez skrbi.

    @Ina: Zelo mi je všeč tvoj odziv. =D

  5. aaaaaa ....grozaaaaa :) ampak ok:) sem videla že hujše:) ko je v vodi mimo mene plavala belouška:) hahaha

  6. Aw cute. We get them here in South Africa too. Although we have to be careful to make sure it is a grass snake because we get lots of venomous snakes here too.
    I'm glad that you managed to save it.

  7. Used to, I'd have freaked out at the picture. Now I find myself going "awww look at his faaaaaace he's so cute!" His big eyes are so cute

  8. My ex boyfriend (who is slovakian as you) always talked to me about these and his cats... D°:

  9. @Pink_Diamond: Raje si sploh ne predstavljam. =D

    @Gnoma: I'm Slovenian, not Slovakian. XD

  10. Lol, eni so pa res neizobraženi glede Slovenije in Slovaške =).
    Muce so pa včasih res smešne, naša je skos rada napadala morskega prašička, še sreča, da je imel kletko. A imaš drugače mačke v stanovanju/hiši, ali so bolj zunanje

  11. @colorfulbottle: Eh, sem že nekako vajena. =) Raje sploh ne pomislim kaj vse so mi že mačke prinesle. Od ptičk, miši, podgan, kuščarjev... Nekatere živali so bile še žive in ravno toliko poškodovane, da ne bi mogle preživeti. Če se le da, jih rešim pred svojimi zverinami. Moji mačkici sta svobodni. To pomeni, da sta zunaj, ko želita in prideta v hišo, ko se jima zljubi. Spita pa v hiši. Da imam lahko tudi jaz miren spanec.

  12. Ok, you're slovenian and I'm stupid! ahahahahahaha XD
    But... You are a neighbour of me! I'm from Udine/Gorizia ;)

  13. I've never held a snake. I'd love to. This is so pretty. Snakes are amazing creatures.


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