Monday, April 18, 2011

In Love with Graz

I visited Graz (Austria) last Tuesday. I'm officially in love...

Graz was first mentioned in 12th century as ''gradec'' (etymologically from Slovene), which basically means "little fortress". It's the second largest city in Austria.

Above: View from the bridge over Mur river. The hill in the back is Schlossberg with Clock Tower on the right. The church tower belongs to Franciscan monastery church.

Above: The City Hall (Rathaus) is just breathtaking. On 14th March 2010 Graz became a UNESCO City of Design. I can see why.

Above: The other side of the City Hall. Oh, the architecture!

Above: In the centre of Hauptplatz there's a fountain/monument dedicated to Archduke Johann. It features statues of four women symbolising the rivers Mur, Enns, Drava and Sann. It's great to sit on the stairs under the fountain and watch the people and buildings around it. I think that's so European. XD

Above: The stairs to the Schlossberg (which literally means ''castle mountain'') and Tower Clock.

I want to go back to Graz as soon as possible. But next time I'll be ready. I'll write down all the sights and streets, so I don't get lost, like the last time. XD Did I mention Graz is a great city for shopping?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful town. It's like a dream...

  2. How gorgeous, it looks like a fairy tale! But I'm American,; I come from the land of strip malls and cheap housing developments. I sometimes wish that I lived somewhere where it was really easy to visit other countries without having to take a long plane trip. Well, I do live like 30 minutes from Mexico, but that isn't the best place to be right now.

  3. I love Graz too, it is actually my favourite city in the world :) You are lucky to live near Graz :)

  4. Gorgeous!!!
    Austria is such a beautiful country, I always wanted to visit Vienna.

  5. @Sarah B.: I've been to Vienna and it's a wonderful place to visit. Hope you see it one day.

  6. I love it too :), it's so charming! Too bad I'm usually too busy shopping to stop and look. I just noticed those stairs the last time I was there :blushing:.

  7. Beautiful town and gorgeous pictures. I loved Vienna and wished I could have seen more of Austria.
    I don't think I'm fit enough to make it to the top of that staircase, lol.
    Did some shopping? I bet you did.
    Btw, I uploaded my wishlist today and I'm featuring some lemmings you've shared with us.

  8. I think I'd have a heart attack trying to climb all those stairs! Such a beautiful area - you took some great pics.

  9. Cradec je res čudovito mesto =). Si ni naredila "lušte", da ga spet čimprej obiščem =)

  10. Meni je Gradec prekrasno mesto. Jaz sem bila lani trikrat tam in še bi šla.

  11. Your pictures have convinced me to come visit. Architecture is so rich. Need to get out of NYC.

  12. Men je tudi Graz full všeč! A si šla bol turistično ali si tudi nakupovala? Če si, hitro pokazat kaj si kupila :P

  13. @With love, Ana: Fant je šel v Humanic, moj obisk pa je bil bolj turistične narave. Nekaj stvari sem nakupila, ampak dvomim, da te bo zanimalo, ker so motoristične zadeve. =D

  14. The architecture is just breathtaking! Must be wonderful to have such beautiful scenery to look at. Those stairs up to the Schlossberg are scary steep. Thanks for the photos. What did you buy there?


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