Tuesday, May 10, 2011

At the ZOO

My BF and I went to the Zagreb ZOO (Croatia) yesterday. After we spend a good amount of time driving in circles and looking for a parking place, we finally came to the park, were the ZOO is. I have mixed feelings about it. It was interesting, but I love animals and it makes me sad to see them in cages. They looked quite satisfied though. Here are some photos for you.

The Pink-backed Pelicans

This Black-tailed Prairie Dog was posing for me. :)

The Lioness. And I mean THE. She was the one out of three females who was in the same cage as the lion.

African Lion. His name is Kongo.

The Channel-billed Toucan. Isn't it pretty?

The Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs.

The Brown Bear. Love the pose! :D

What do you think of ZOO's? Are they a nice place for animals or do you think it's a torture to keep these beautiful creatures imprisoned? 

Thanks for looking!


  1. AWW! That Prairie Dog is so cute!

  2. O, I have as you mixed feelings... I love animals, I've become vegetarian because of them... But I like to go to ZOO as it is the only place where I can see giraffe, and some other animals.

  3. I missed that last question before I posted my last comment. My answer is that I have reservations about zoos. Obviously the way animals are treated and the environments they're allowed to live in make a big difference.

    Zoos serve an important purpose: they often aide conservation efforts, and additionally educate the public about animals. By making some form of contact with these animals available to people (even if it isn't physical contact), they create a connection that wouldn't otherwise exist, and create human incentives to learn about animals. It's easier to hate a shark when you've never seen how beautiful they really can be--and once you do see one, there's much more reason to want to know all about how it lives, what it eats, etc.

    However the idea of humans keeping wild animals confined still gives me pause. That was a bit wishy-washy wasn't it? I just can't think of a definitive answer.

    1. Vijiis I just wanted to say that I think exactly the same as you. I love animals but on the other hand zoos are necessary to let people know more about them and also to preserve them. I have a lovely zoo in my city and I love going very often and I just dont want to think about how dangerous it would be for the wolves, for example, being in the woods where everyone can go and hunt them and kill them. Its such a shame that humans are this way and don't respect anything thats why it is very important the education towards them.

  4. Awww!! Im a huge animal lover and a pure vegetarian so I think such beautiful people shouldn't be confined to spaces that human create and they should be let out in their natural habitat :)

  5. zoo's make me sad too. I think I'd prefer something more along the lines of a conservation area/game park for them rather than cages. it seems to be an outdated idea to cage animals. D:

  6. It depends on the zoo really. If they have animals in cages sitting on concrete floors and behind cold bars, I really hate them. If the animal is living in a simulated natural environment, I'm happy with it.

    You've also got to take in account all the good zoos do as well. They educate the public about the animals, and have breeding programs to encourage the population and transporting animals they don't need to other zoos and sometimes releasing them into the wild. Zoos have come a long way since they used to have Chimps perform on stage :)

  7. Conceptually, zoos make me sad. I hate going to a zoo and seeing animals that are obviously bored out of their minds - pacing back and forth in a pattern that's worn a rut into the floor. That just makes me cry.

    On the other hand, it's nice to be able to visit animals who are happy in their environments - huge enclosures with new things to explore. If an animal is too injured to live in the wild, it's nice to be able give it another chance; if a species is endangered, maybe we can help them reestablish themselves in the wild; and it's good to be reminded that we're not the only creatures on this earth.

  8. There are some really terrific zoos. Without them some of these animals would'nt be alive. There are breeding programs in some zoos that are really trying to help the population. I would never be able to see these animals if it wasn't for a zoo. It is sad when the zoo is bad and doesn't keep the animal stimulated.

  9. The prairie dog looks like dramatic chipmunk!

  10. I second what VijiiS, Walkinmyeyeshadow and nekosan said. They say it better than I could.

    I love the little Prairie Dog's pose!

  11. After reading what became my favorite book, I have nothing against zoo animals, as long as they have plenty of right food, plenty of space, hiding place or whatever that specific animal needs to have a great inhabitant.
    You should really read Yann Martel's "Life of Pi", there is such good points on zoo animals.


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