Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bring Your Mascara Back to Life

I found this ancient mascara while I was cleaning my make up stash. I thought of throwing it away, but I got a better idea. I'll show you how to bring it back to life. :)

See, I don't think they make these anymore... It's oooooold.

Old and dried up. This is the result of swiping the mascara brush on my skin. Not useable at all.

Mascara's first aid:
* face toner
* dropper

Make sure to use a toner for sensitive skin (just in case). Add a couple drops of face toner to your old mascara and shake it. I used 4-5 drops for my ''it-should-already-be-retired'' Maybelline Great Lash. And here's the result of swiping the brush on my skin. What a difference, huh?

This mascara gives you a very natural look when it's new, so I'm not surprised that it gave me a natual look after reanimation as well. The original formula is waterproof and after adding toner to it, it was still pretty hard to remove.

I'm not the type of person who would throw every mascara away after three months of use. I try to make the most of it and if it's drying up, that doesn't mean it's not useable anymore. At least not for me. What do you think?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I don't use old mascara, just because I like my eyes and I like to see. Bacteria is a bamf.

    But for mascara that's not old but has just dried up, maybe from me not closing the tube correctly, this would definitely be a trick that I'd use.
    Thanks for posting it!

    1. Here's another tip: I use contact solution and it will NOT harm your eyes!

  2. I try to make mascara last as long as possible too. I think as long as you're the only one who uses it and you don't pump the brush in and out and pump loads of air (and germs) in there it's fine! This is a great idea, I always stand my mascara in a cup of hot water for a while when they start going too lumpy, but I'll definitely try this next time :)

    Oh, and Maybelline do still make Great Lash mascara, I bought one last week :)


  3. I don't think it's the best to do: mascara is very prone to bacteria and it could be dangerous to use an old product (it's the best way to get conjunctivities and others eye infections). Realy, it is important to respect the 3 months use for mascaras. When you open 1 product at a time within 3 months it will be used and you won't lost your money. Moreover I don't think face toner is safe to use in the eyes...

  4. Jaz sem eno staro maskaro očistila pod vodo in obdržala samo del s krtačko in to uporabljam za česanje obrvi. Ostale pa kar stran vržem.

  5. Zelo dober nasvet, ker se meni tud zelo hitro posuši, malce me le skrbi rok uporabe (bacili in te škodljive stvari), ker imam zelo občutljive oči

  6. Good idea! Would eye drops be safer maybe?

  7. Great tip! I've tried this with a face cream also and it works great...

  8. Thanks for the tip - I'll try this one. Usually I put the tube in a cup of hot water for 5min, which does the trick for me.

  9. I haven't seen this on the drug store shelves lately, but it is not discontinued:

    The whole line is still kicking with a few new members thrown in :-)

  10. So the alcohol-consistency toner or like the lotiony kind? :)

  11. @Valerie: I'm not saying you should use it ''in'' the eyes. I don't poke myself in the eye with mascara brush. + I've never had a problem with eyes because of mascara. You get more germs in it with touching them with your hand/fingers, but that's only my opinion. Other people whose eyes are more sensitive might have problems...

    @Millie: Of course they would be safer, I just haven't tried it yet and I don't know if the result would be the same. NEVER use toner with alcohol for this! Only the most gentle kind you can find. Or maybe you could try it with eye drops as Millie suggested.

  12. my eyes are very sensitive so I wouldn't try this at all and I do empty my mascaras but I only use one at the same time. It does look like a nice way to bring an old mascara back to life!

  13. Thanks for sharing:) I really have to try this!

  14. Ooh wow thats a neat trick =) Thank you!
    And haha I also don't throw away mascaras after just 3 months lol.... they seem to last me much longer than that and hopefully they'l last me even longer now!

  15. thanks so much for this idea!! :) it really IS helpful as we all know that mascaras dry up a bit fast and it just breaks our hearts when it's time to say bye bye when we know that there's still something in the tube, only that the stuff's all dried up.

    :) :) :)

  16. was wondering how to bring my mascara back to life, thanks for the tip! :)

  17. Terrific tip. I never throw out my mascaras after three months. What a waste! The only way I would get rid of one at three months is if I had an eye infection. I'm careful with my makeup and don't let it sit out open gathering germs.

  18. I have always used Witch Hazel (hamamelis water) as it is eye friendly(in a lot of eye products, washes and drops) and antiseptic. It is also an effective toner. So no excuses for wastage, this remedy both addresses the germ excuse and the'sensitivity' one too. We all know manufacturers recommend 3 months to sell more units! Good excuse for buying a new one though.
    Still I have been doing his for years and mix and match the brushes. I also sell the things for a living and insist I am wearing latest one, but really its a mish mash!!

  19. I had to do this in a hurry tonight and I have very sensitive eyes - bright green. Thank you - it worked like a BOMB. I'm unemployed at the moment, so this was really a life saver. Thanks.


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