Monday, May 2, 2011

Essence - Crack Me! White

I must admit these photos aren't the best. Not because I used my boyfriends camera or because I didn't take them in my crappy. The manicure is bad and that makes the photos & polish look bad.

a England, Camelot, 1 coat + Essence, Crack Me! White, 1 coat

Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Alcohol Denat., Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Silica, Nitrocelullose, Isopropyl Alcohol.

As you can see, I used a England's Camelot for a base. Although it says ''step 2'' on the Essence Cracking Top Coat bottle, that doesn't mean you have to use their Cracking Base Colour (step 1) polish underneath. Any polish will work. You just have to make sure it's completely dry before you layer Essence cracking polish over it. I didn't wait long enough and the cracks pulled away my base color as well - hence bad manicure.

This polish doesn't crack like other cracking polishes (Kelier, OPI's Black Shatter, Barry M's Crackle, IsaDora's Graffiti Nails, etc...), the crackles Essence Top Coat creates are more or less vertical. It's still a nice effect and the polish is definitely worth trying.

The application didn't cause me any troubles. Formula is neither thick or thin and it doesn't dry too fast. If you like the effect, then I recommend you to get it. You'll definitely like it.

Price: €1.89 for 8mL/0.27 fl. oz

Tell me which cracking effect do you like the most: spider web (Kelier), giraffe (OPI Black Shatter, China Glaze Crackle, Barry M, IsaDora) or zebra (Essence)?

Thanks for looking!


  1. This crackle effect reminds me of um... torn muscle =S I know gross way of describing it but thats the first thing that came to mind when I saw it! But its not a bad effect, I still like the mani =)
    My fave crackle effect has to be Barry M's as I prefer the more broken effect when the cracks are large and separated =)

  2. I was just going to say it crackles differently. Think I even prefer this to the other ones.

  3. Hi Sasha! I love crackle polishes. Each effect is great. Maybe I have a slight preference for the Kelier effect but I can't make work those polishes every other time! Sometimes the base polish is too dry and the Kelier don't crack or the base is too wet and the Kelier comes lumpy. It's frustrating! I got also the Crackle Glaze but I'm afraid to use the white one: I have only tested it and it seems to be similar to the Essence one. The effect is great but to me, the white color is not enough opaque. Have you tried the white Crackle Glaze? Could you do a comparison with the Essence white one?

  4. @Feline: Hairy?! XD

    @Sara: This is gonna sound weird, but it reminded me of muscle tissue as well. =D

    @schmut: I think you're one of few to prefer this one. I'd like to see the ''giraffe'' one on my nails to be sure which one I like more.

    @Valerie: When I used Kelier cracking polish, I just painted all 5 nails on one hand and then just layered Kelier on top of it. No lumps, just crackles. I don't have any China Glaze cracking polishes, so I can't make a comparison. Sorry.

  5. I did the same for the Kelier manicure. Did you painted a thick or thin coat of Kelier? I don't know why sometimes it works fine and other times it's a mess.

  6. @Valerie: I was neither, nor thick nor thin. Try something in between.

  7. Barry M is my favourite although perhaps that's because it's the only one I have. I prefer the cracks to be more broken up rather than denser coverage the Essence polish seems to create. Thanks for showing it :-)

  8. P2 has the best crackles!! Without a doubt :)

  9. I definitely DON'T like the Essence crackle effect. I like P2!!

  10. The crackle effect is very interesting! I quite like it :)

  11. I like that weird effect! I don't have any crackle polish. I like all the different looks you get.

  12. @Linnie & @marox79: Now I *need* to get the P2 ones. XD

  13. Hi! I bought black essence cracking top coat and the result is different it is more similar to giraffe effect. If you want see it I leave you the link of my post

  14. don't like the effect at all, you right thank goodness there is no more, if I was aiming to resemble cousin Itt of the Addams family


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