Monday, May 23, 2011

Essence Eyeshadow in Mystic Lemon

Mystic Lemon might be the most wanted Essence eyeshadow at the time. It's buzzing all over beauty community... is it really a dupe of Nars Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross? I'm sorry, but I can't answer that question. I can only show you how Mystic Lemon looks like.

If you're planning on getting this eyeshadow, don't be fooled by the sticker on it. It's not holographic. As a matter of fact, I think Essence needs some information on finishes. It seems like every product with shimmer or duochrome finish gets that label when it comes to this brand. OK, enough rambling. Here's Mystic Lemon in the pot. It's a very pale yellow with the most gorgeous micro shimmer.

You can't see the shimmer on the photos while the eyeshadow is in the pot, but you can see it here. I applied it to the back of my hand using a finger. I just love the sheen it creates.

Here's also a photo of Mystic Lemon on my finger and on the highest point of my cheekbone. What do you think? Does it make a good highlighter or not?

Price: €1.89 for 2.5 g

Where to buy? Wherever Essence is sold.

I personally wouldn't think twice about buying Mystic Lemon. I even wouldn't think twice when it comes to using this eyeshadow as a highlighter over Nars' Albatross. But that's just me and I've never had the chance to own a Nars product, so what do I know, right? :D I still think this is a great product for a price you can't beat. I recommed you try it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. wow is perfect as highlighter! I adore this eyeshadow ♥ also the number 42 is amazing, is a grey/purple holo *.*

  2. That DOES make a great highlighter. :)

  3. This looks so gorgeous on you!

  4. I don't think there's a cheaper highlighter than this. There is a light green e/s not labelled holographic that is really holographic.
    Essence got their finishes mixed up again with the Holographics LE.

  5. Mystic lemon is great! I´d also choose it over Nars because Albatross is very yellow.
    I did a comparison, maybe this is helpful for some of you!

  6. Why are you so freaking beautiful?! <3

  7. I got this one,but never thought of using it as highlighter! I've to try :)
    I was so disappointed to see it wasn't holo at all, but now it has a new chance :)

  8. Sem kupila zaradi tvojega reviewa :))

  9. @serena_nuvola: I will check that one out as well. Thanks for suggestion!

    @vijiiS: Thank you!

    @marox79: They REALLY mixed up these finishes... *face palm*

    @Valerie: That's a great comparison. Thanks for sharing it with us! =)

    @Goose: Erm... *blushes* I am? *changes colors in the range of a rainbow*

    @Theallamenta: I think Essence mixed up the products that were supposed to have the ''holographic'' label on them. XD

    @Tamara: Počaščeno čakam na tvoj review. =)

  10. I think I´m going to search for this shade... I really need something new from Essence :D

  11. Hmmm i wonder if this could be a dupe for The Balm Mary Lou-manizer highlighter. :D


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