Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hair and Cats and Earrings

This is my freshly colored hair. It looks brown, black, copper-ish (on the sun) and even blurple in the right light. For a dull color like mine, that's a pretty wide specter. :D

The ends are medium brown with copper flashes and the roots are dark brown. I guess it's OK.

And here's an info for all my Slovene readers with pets. Krka offers flea and tick protection for cats and dogs now. Well, it's been out since last year, but I didn't know that until today. It's called Fypryst and it has the same ingredient as Frontline (fipronil). Fypryst for cats costs €4.48 and Frontline costs €7.00.

Do you remember my leaf collier? Danny asked me about matching earrings and now I have them. :) I found them in the same store (Ann Christine) and they were only €1.00. Wearing them with the necklace would be a huge no-no, but they look adorable with a simple black tank top.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Since I do pretty much the same to my hair that you do, that's what mine looks like too. :D

  2. @Paulina: Thank you! =)

    @Feline: I just don't stand naked in front of a mirror while I'm dyeing my hair like you do. XD But that doesn't have any effect on the color outcome of the color, does it? Hee hee
    Now I feel even closer to you. Is that creepy?

  3. kosa ti uopće nije dosadna, meni puno prirodnije izgleda kad nije čitava isto obojana - onda bi tek bila dosadna ;-)
    super novost za nas mačkoljupce, a naušnice su jaaaaaaaaaaako zgodne :-D

  4. For your American readers, Walmart is carrying the generic and much cheaper version of Frontline under the name Pet Armor.

  5. Is that as curly as your hair is when wet? It's gorgeous. My hair is grey. It's been that way over 10 years. I've had grey hair since I was about 11 years old. Not solid, just lots of threads of it. I used to dye my hair but I quit when it was such a pain to coverup. The grey would show around my hairline within 2 weeks. I just let it grow out. I cut my hair super short and it wasn't as hard to deal with. I hated when my ends would get black, the roots brown and the middle lighter brown. I knew how to color my hair but it used to absorb the color too much. I got it done at the salon but I'd have to go back every 3 weeks.


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