Monday, May 16, 2011

Hair Coloring

It's that time of the month again.

Wait... no, not that time... it's time to color my roots. *sigh*
Sometimes I get help from my sister or mother, but I don't want to torture them with my mane anymore. Normally I just color my roots and then comb the color through the rest of the hair and get that ombre effect we all like so much. ;)

I use Schwarzkopf Palette color all the time, it's my favorite (in shade 800 Dark Brown).

Now I'd like to know from all of you who color your hair at home: What's your hair coloring routine? Do you have any tips and/or tricks? Which dye do you use? Do you color your own hair or let someone else do it (excluding hairdressers)?

P.S.: Is it just me or do the hair dyes from the hair salons really wash out faster than the ones bought in stores?

EDIT: I asked all of you about your hair coloring routine and I forgot about mine. *face palm*
These are the tools I use along with my hair color in a box (which usually comes with a dye, gloves and hair conditioner). It's also a good idea to wear an old T-shirt while dyeing your mane, because those stains will not wash out.

This is how I do it. Step by step.

1) I brush my hair thoroughly and make sure it's tangle free.
2) I pull my hair back and spread a good amount of face cream all along my hair line. That will keep the dye from sticking to my skin.
3) I mix the dye and start coloring my hairline with a dye brush. I continue with coloring my roots by dividing my hair with the handle of the brush and spreading the dye on the roots. After I use up the dye, I massage the scalp to really cover all the roots.
4) I brush my hair with a comb. That way the color spreads along the length of the hair, leaving ends uncolored and creating the fading effect. I think there's nothing worse than hair ends that are darker than the roots. ;) Every once in a while (approx. once a year) I buy 2 boxes of hair color and dye my hair from roots to ends.
5) I gather my hair in a bun, clip it and leave the color on for 30 minutes.
6) When the time's up, I lean into the bath tub and wash off the color. I use shampoo (twice) and hair mask/conditioner.

I follow my usual hair care routine after that.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I stick to my henna, I love the auburn shade it gives (you can also get a really dark brown if you mix with indigo). I like that it's good for the hair, kind to the planet and to animals. It makes my hair super glossy too!

  2. I use a professional hair dye by Cutrin (I guess it's finnish, comes in tubes, as most professional hair dyes).. I also buy a large bottle of oxigent (6%) and mix it all together. Usually I ask my mom to help me, because i'm not sure I can work through my roots properly. I guess it washes out..but it's just pretty good to my hair (I tried some other dyes, but my hair looked less shine and more dull with them). I like the thing that I can mix colors from different tubes (though I'm not always have in mind a result I want to get, so it's more like experimenting :)
    Sometimes I want to be more red (like, orange-red, not red-red), sometimes I dye it in more brownish color).

  3. I color mine at home because it's so much less expensive. And when I get bored, I either cut my hair or change its color- so I change my hair a lot. I use the Garnier Nutrisse color from a box. It's really easy to use... my husband actually does it for me because I have long, thick hair and it's difficult for me to reach all parts. I don't think it's just you- salon color washes out real fast.

  4. I'm a die hard fan of L'Oréal Casting - I always dye my hair with step 2 coloring, to save my lengths which would otherwise just go dead. :) When I'm short on money, I buy H&M's product instead, which is fairly good. I guess it's no surprise I stick to black, even though I've experimented with various reds, highlights and for a while felt more grown up dying my hair dark with an espresso color. I always do my hair myself - every other or third month - and stick to the roots. I do the lengths once or twice a year to avoid drying. I just get undressed and stand in front of the bathroom mirror, divide my hair piece by piece, and then round it all up by applying the leftovers to my brows. :D Oh, and I use one of those hair color brushes for applying around my face, to get all the little hairs in without messing up my face completely. Although I have to add, smearing some vaseline in your face beforehand is very, very helpful. ;)

  5. PS. I always wipe off excess color from my face, ears and neck with Listerine. O.o Works like a charm.

  6. Hihi jaz se tudi moram ampak se mi ne da, ker je mraz. Bom takoj, ko bo malce lepše vreme. :) Se pa tudi sama pobarvam, po par pregledanih tutorialov na youtube ni tako težko, mami mi pa nerada pomaga, ker jamra da mam predolge. :D Uporabljam pa res kokr kdaj - zdj mam Subrinino brez amoniaka, prejšnjič sem pa uporabla tisto v peni in je tudi super. :)

  7. @The Nail Buff: I wanted to try henna, but I've been coloring my hair since I was in high school... I've heard it's not OK to use henna on already colored hair.

    @Kate Rainscience: I've never heard of Cutrin before and I'd never have the guts to mix my own hair color totally by myself. =) I would most probably screw it up and end up with green hair or something like that.

    @Definitely Addicted: Hee hee...I do the same. When I get really bored I start cutting off my ends. I don't like to experience with my hair color though. I look best with dark brown hair and that's what I'm sticking to. =)

    @Feline: I might try that Casting thingie. I'm just worried it will turn out lighter than my hair is now (my roots will still be too light then). I've had problems when I was switching from one brand to other... Errrm... is it safe to use hair color for your brows? I wouldn't have the balls to do it. =D But I guess I don't need to do it anyway. My brows are dark enough.
    I agree with you about the application of color on hairline and about the Vaseline trick. I use Nivea in blue tin box instead. It works!

    @Ivana: Vsakič ko sem prišla na plano s škatlo barve za lase, sta začeli mama in sestra vzdihovat. Imam goste in dolge lase in verjamem, da je barvanje takih las mučno. Sama to opravim precej hitreje in mislim da tudi učinkoviteje. =) Sem slišala za tisto v peni, preizkusila pa je še nisem. Bom morala še kakšen review prebrat.

  8. I go mostly dark too, and yes, do it myself and use Vaseline to prevent staining on ears and neck since I have short hair. I get bored and sometimes bleach my bangs and then use Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink or Ultraviolet for bright pink or purple bangs. The bangs got too "crispy" from bleaching, so I went all black now (a deep indigo black), but changed the cut a bit to keep it interesting. We girls like to have our fun! :-)

  9. I take my hat off to people who go through all that trouble! ahahaha....
    I'll tell you MY routine:
    comb by hair
    stand in the buff in front of my bathroom mirror and squish the living hell out of my Garnier bottle.
    Then a rub it in, as if I was washing my hair with shampoo.
    Then i put a plastic bag over it and then some tin foil to create heath.
    wait 30 minutes (this time wrapped in a bath towel!)
    Rinse, apply the provided conditioner and rinse again.
    That's it!
    (my hair is brown and I use the blondest bold available so that I get a strawberry blond-ish color all over)

  10. I recently started using one of those foam colorings instead, and love it! Before that I pretty much had the same routine as you have.
    I don't use an old shirt though, I have one of them cape thingies. If you don't have one of those, cutting holes for your arms and head in a garbage bag works too, you can just rip that thing off and throw it out. Saves some mess :)

  11. @glitterM: I bleached my hair once (in a hair salon) and it was awful. My hair almost melted in a big lump and I spent 2 hours for detangling it... It needed a lot of time to get it's health back. I'm not doing that again either. XD

    @Beatlemarta: Hahahah... I can imagine you standing in front of the mirror, vandalizing that Garnier bottle. XD It sounds interesting. I might have to try that the next time. Thanks for sharing. =)

    @Bregje: I saw a commercial for the foam hair color, but I was sure it doesn't work. I really need to try it now. Which one did you use?
    I have a small cape somewhere, but I get dirty anyway, so an old T-shirt is a must for me. I'm a messy girl. :D

  12. I just go one of igora Blue black :) that means a int sense black, i trough u was more into the black?
    my hair is almost black i got my whites here in there that why am starting to cover it. Indeed is a good idea to use something to prevent spots on Ur hairline

  13. When I color, I always go for seriously unnatural colors. xD

  14. @MariaAndrea: I've never seen Igora dyes here in our stores. I am into black, but it looks way to un-natural and my skin is too pale. That's why I use dark's also very dark, but it doesn't look like I have a wig on. =)

    @VijiiS: I'd really like to see how that looks. =D I'd probably look like an electrified parrot with something else than natural... =D

  15. @ nihrida

    my skin isn't pale, black colors looks fine on me actually my hair is almost black have mid tone skin and dark eyes so it doesn't look so unnatural by me.

    Indeed if u are pale better stick to dark brown, but actually i have seen people with black hair that are even pale as u, more people from Iran turkey but of curse their eyes are dark to which gives a less pale look

  16. I dye my hair in the salon, every 3 months. Light shades like mine ( light auburn red ) are quite complicated to achieve at home :( I also do ombré highlights and my hairdresser has to use 3 different developers so I don't get super light highlights on the first place he applied them. That happens because my hair is very long and full :/

    Dying hair dark shades is so much more practical! But I guess is never fun going near your natural shade :P (mine is dark chestnut brown)

  17. I wrote a long comment...and blogger ate it. Sigh.

  18. I am a hair coloring addict. People freak out how much I change it. I've dyed my hair with everything, it seems... At first, in summer after the 4th grade I chopped my super long naturally honey blonde hair to about mid-ear lenght and dyed it jet black, then it has grown out and I put orange henna on the roots, so I had this weird reverse "ombre" look (which back then was simply lame), and then it has grown out and my natural colour changed to a greyish tone so it was the grey-light-brown on the roots, orange in the middle, black ends. Like a 3 toned cat, haha! Then was a ton of bleaching, ginger dye, then bleaching again throughout the years, and then I just had dark dark brown like you most of the times my last school years. But this last year my hair color has changed... 9 times! Black, then light ginger when I tried to go honey blonde like in my childhood (with a faint memory of the color...), then dark blue, then deep purple (ha!) on top with dark blue ends, then just purple, then silver white, then turquoise (done with food coloring, no lie!), then red, and now I finally achieved something reminiscent of my natural color :) Still having an itchy need to dye it black because it's definitely one of my favorite colors on me ever! Or purple, that looked very cool, too, plus it is one of my favorite colors in general haha!


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