Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Love with Graz pt. II

I told you I'm gonna go back to Graz... :) I didn't get lost this time and it was just amazing.

Clock Tower

View from clock tower. You can see the town hall right behind me.

Stairs to the Schlossberg (my legs still hurt).

Murinsel (= island on the Mur river).

Love padlocks on the bridge over Mur.

Fountain on the main square.

St. Michael's Church. Love the way the statue is looking down on me. Hee-hee...

I finally got the chance to wear Essence Chuck. Sorry, but this photo with walnut ice cream is the only one I have of my manicure.

If you're planning on visiting Graz and you like pasta, I suggest you visit Il Centro restaurant. My spaghetti napoli were excellent!

Thanks for looking!


  1. thanks for sharing! lovely pics.

  2. My legs would be smarting too, lol. Great pics as usual.

  3. This is such a beautiful city. I like the love locks. The steps are crazy! No wonder your legs were hurting. Looking gorgeous in your pictures!

  4. I was thinking about visiting Graz during the journey to Cres, Croatia. Last year we were in Vienna and Maribor and it was great. It made the car traveling more interesting. Thank You for your tips!


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