Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Neither Here Nor There

I'm caught in a big blob of blur. I don't really know where to go or what to do next. Although I know what I should do. I need a lot of energy and the same amount of motivation. And I need someone to tell me it's all gonna be OK. I also think my love for nail polish is slowly fading away. I don't find it hard to look at photos of new collections. There's nothing new for me anyway. At least not something I would like. I paint my nails every once in a while. Once a week maybe (if it's a good week). Otherwise I just leave them naked. Sometimes I'd paint the nails on my left hand and loose the interest before I finish the nails my right hand. Yeah, I shouldn't tell you that. Let's pretend I didn't. Deal?

The last nail polish I showed you was Misa Dirty Sexy Money. I got bored with it soon and layered Essence Crack Me! Black over it. Call me crazy, but I like this cracking effect. It's not as cool as Barry M ones, but it's still very cool. And a lot better than Essence Crack Me! White. What's the deal with that? The black one cracks a lot better.

My looks of the past few days are practically the same. Some black eyeshadow on my upper lash line makes a better choice in these hot days than eye pencil. It doesn't stick as much to my lid when my eyes are open. And as the result - I'm not walking around paranoid and in fear there's a black line on my eyelid. Yeah, that happens sometimes when I'm using eye pencil. Not everything is bad though. My fairly new Essence mascara is cooperating with me and I use it all the time. I should write a review. *writes a note*

For the last three days, I was in a purple mood. Perfect opportunity to finally try Sinful Let's Talk. I don't know if it's coincidence or fate or something else, but I saw a person which was very important to me once. And we haven't talked in almost 4 years. There it was, the chance to start talking again. But you know what, I moved on. I don't need THE talk anymore. It made me feel kind of powerful and in charge of my life. At least for a little while. :)

Now I wanna lay back, relax and read a good book. Something from the fantasy or horror genre. I was thinking about George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice & Fire. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for looking!


  1. gosh. youre not the only one ): i usually paint my nails halfway then stare at it then remove them. ughhh, i prefer a variety but i really wouldnt be that crazy to wear them all. plus the fact that they look so much better in the bottle makes me feel gloomy when i look at my nails )':

    plus i leave my nails bare too since i have school(they dont allow painted nails) and i gave a reason of 'want to keep my nails healthy' but it's just a lazy reason to not apply nail polish ):

  2. The past few months, I wasn't wearing a lot of nail polish - actually, make that pretty much not wearing nail polish at all. I just didn't feel like it :( But then yesterday, I suddenly wanted to wear the holo from Essence, so I did :) And now I feel like more :D
    Also, I only wear liquid eyeliner. Pencil just smudges on me :(

  3. Everyone seems to be using that very same polish these days.

  4. I know they are considered young adult books, but when I am in a bad/weird mood, reading The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword always makes me feel better. Both books are by Robin McKinley and even though The Hero and the Crown is a prequel, you can read the books in any order and the stories will still make sense.

  5. Js sm dala isto situacijo čez z eno osebo in se nenormalno dobro počutm, ker sem se po vsem sekiranju odločla, da mora bit vsega konc. Res dober občutek :) Super lepe nohtke maš kot vedno, oz. cela si lepa no <3
    A song of ice and fire je zakon, priporočam! Sploh če se hočeš odklopit od vsega, ker čist not padeš v zgodbo.
    Drugač pa upam, da te mine to obdobje, ker bi pogrešala tvoje nohtke, če jih res nehaš lakirat! :P In ja, it's gonna be okay. :)

  6. That cracking effect is really good, especially over the 'Misa Dirty Sexy Money' polish.

    I like the 'Sinful Lets Talk', nice colour.

  7. @meipinggg: Glad to hear I'm not the only one. =)

    @Silva: Which liquid eyeliner do you use? Some of them smudge just as badly as pencils.

    @marox79: Which polish is that?

    @Amelia: I checked the book database of my local library... They only have The Hero and the Crown one. And one called The Outlaws of Sherwood. I will read it, thanks for suggestion! =D

    @Summer: Hvala za tak super komentar! <3

  8. Ahh, you only need horribly stained nails, like mine, to keep you motivated to paint them all the time! Ha ha...just kidding! It certainly helps me keep mine painted, but I still love polish. In any case, I just wanted to say that I hope you are okay and I care for you. I really enjoy your blog tremendously. :)

  9. Jaz tudi berem prvo knjigo The Song of Ice and Fire. zaenkrat je zanimiva!

  10. Your phots show so much. Who takes your picture? I was so tired of reading and seeing polish. Then I wonder what everyone is doing so I go back and read. That's when I find out I've missed really important things. I have to keep my nails polishes since they're peeling.

  11. @makeupgirl21: I take my own photos. =)


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