Friday, May 20, 2011

Pure Luxe Pigment Swatches

This is going to be a massive post about the pigments I received today from Pure Luxe. Let's get straight to it. Here are the color drops of the pigments in the jars.

Quite a haul, right? Now I'm gonna show you how they look swatched on my hand. I used Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a base. All pigments are applied dry.

Kisses in the Dark (''deep smouldering blue/green'') - This one looks dark in the jar and it's also dark on the skin. I was afraid it's gonna look plain grey, but it's actually a very pretty shade. Smouldering teal, perhaps? I love the name as well.

Lush (''smokey green with a very subtle blue/green finish'') - Whoa, this one is soooo pigmented. I'd say it's a forest green with light green sparkles. Very interesting shade with a great color pay off.

Galaxy (''smokey blue/green with a strong golden interference'') - Isn't this a pretty shade... It's neither blue nor green. I'd call it a seafoam green with golden sheen. Mermaid-ish color. Subtle and stunning at the same time. Love it.

Dubloon (''deep khaki in jar, smokey antique gold once applied'') - I agree with the Pure Luxe description. Pretty color, but nothing too special. Gotta try it wet, maybe it will impress me then.

Demure (''light green leaning towards blue, gold when under the right light'') - It's supposed to be a two tone eyeshadow, but I just don't see it. It looked so nice on the PL page, but it didn't convince me. It's too light, un-pigmented and just ... blah. I could easily live without this one.

OMG! (''deep bright red with metallic red hlighlight'') - Yeah, it's red. It's also bright and very pigmented. It's not that deep, neither is it so amazing you'd have to pay a double price for it. Yep, sample jar of this pigment won't cost the same as other regular shades (that's $1.00). You will pay a double price. It's an OK color, but it doesn't make me go ''OMG, this is so freakin' amazing!'' But I imagine my mother saying it if I use it for my eye make up. :D

Intimacy (''deep brown with beige and gold highlights'') - It's not a deep brown at all. It's a mushroom-y taupe with shimmer, that makes it look almost gold. I've seen that before. Many, many, many times before (I think I just had a Police Academy moment). Pretty but boring. And intimacy shouldn't be boring, yes?

Chocolate Cherries (''medium brown with reddish/pink interference'') - The interference in this one is mostly pink. I don't see as much red as I'd want to. It looked much better on the PL website. Disappointed.

Luxe (''chocolate with pinkish copper flash'') - I'd call this a reddish bronze. Not something that would suit everyone. Pretty, shimmery, but again ... not *that* special.

Faceted (''taupe/purple in jar; changes color from red/bronze/gold'') - This one is from the Kaleidoscope Collection. It costs more than other pigments ($2.00 for a sample jar) and it's tri-chrome. I shall apply it wet someday and show it to you. If I manage to photograph it properly. It's also very pretty when applied dry. It has a subtle base with strong pink sheen. For princesses. :)

Molten (''deep red with brighter red highlights'') - This is my absolute favorite of all pigments I'm showing you today. It's like a crushed burgundy velvet in a jar. It's a part of the Heavy Metalz collection and this one costs a bit more. But it's totally worth it. Amazing. You have to see it for yourself.

Solitude (''deep brown with subtle copper highlights'') - I expected it to be deeper brown. It's still a nice shade. Pigmented, not too shimmery... I really like it.

Russet (''deep burgundy/brown shimmer'') - Well pigmented, dark and warm shade. I agree with the description... it's hard to say whether it's a red or brown shade. I don't like the pink sheen though. This one left me unimpressed.

Ravishing (''beige with a pearly finish'') - I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered this one. It says it has a pearly finish, why on earth did I order it? Oh, it says it's the PL owner's new favorite. OK then. It's my least favorite. Too pearly for me.

Cinnamon (''brown with red undertone and beige highlights'') - The PL site suggests this is an excellent smokey shade for contouring, I say it's perfect for bruised look. I'm not sure if I'm gonna wear this one. It's pretty, but the pigmentation isn't the best plus it's too light for me.

Scandalous (''cool brown with pumpkin glimmer'') - too shimmery for my taste, but pretty. I'm ''meh'' about this one.

Forged (''deep bittersweet bronze, with strong metallic cast'') - this one contains bronze powder and it's a part of the Heavy Metalz collection (like Molten). If you want to look like you have molted metal on your eyes, go for it. It's very strong though. Beautiful.

Fetish (''metallic bronze'') -It's more orange-y brown than bronze in my opinion. I admit I got it because of the name. And it disappointed me. It should be bolder.

Terra Cotta (''medium copper brown'') - I'd call it a washed out brick orange with extra sheen. It reminds me of salmon and I don't think it would look good on my eyes. Perfect for brown-eyed girls.

Iris (''purple with blue and violet interference'') - It's more blue than purple, but let's meet halfway and say it's blurple.

Jazzy (''medium blue with purple undertone and lots of shimmer'') -Very pretty and pretty shimmery. :)

Rococo (''intense medium blue with a satin finish'') - I have to try this one over dark base (NYX Slate). It's so vibrant and strong I don't think I could pull it off on it's own.

Erotica (''deep jewel tone violet'') - This is actually an electric blue. Yeah, I know, I bought this color from Fyrinnae and Taylor Made... I think I'm addicted to it. This one is also hard to apply (as the Fyrinnae and TM ones). It's almost matte and it applies with bald patches. I have to practice. Amazingly pretty though.

Well, this is it. Can you pick your favorite?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Gorgeous shades. All of them.

  2. I just want to order them all. I have so many minerals it's not even funny. I will take a look at the web site.


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