Sunday, May 15, 2011

S-he Stylezone Nail Polish in #345

A few days ago I found myself standing in front of a brand new S-he Stylezone display. So many new things!!! I admit I needed quite some time to figure it out and see which shades of nail polish would be somewhat new in my collection. Guess what - I only got one shade.

This shade is called 345 (how very original) and it's a black base with silver shimmer and gold glitter. Here's a close up:

S-he Stylezone, 345, 2 coats

I like this shade. It's really nice, but it's also kind of bumpy when it dries, so you're gonna need a top coat for glossier finish.

Price: €2.50 for 10mL

Where to buy: Drogerie Markt stores


And about the change of S-he Stylezone product display: it looks they only changed the appearance of their products and not the formula as well. I didn't see any new products, just a couple of nail polish shades, which weren't new in nail polish world. They changed their website as well, but it doesn't offer much information. You won't find the product color range there, so don't bother looking for it.

The new packaging is very square-ish and it reminds me of Lego bricks. It does have a potential to look cute, but I think they failed at that. I'm not gonna play with my make up and build houses with it... I, personally, do not dig the new packaging at all. It looks even cheaper than the previous one. I wish the cap was black and the writing on it shouldn't be a label sticked to the plastic. It should be printed on the cap.

I also don't like the ratio between quantity and price. Before, you got 11mL of nail polish for €1.99 and now it's €2.50 for 10mL of polish. The formula hasn't changed, so I don't see the reason for the prices to be higher. Now you get less product and pay more. 

I was also checking the lipsticks, lipglosses, mascaras and eyeshadows. Nothing looked interesting enough for me to buy. And most of all - nothing looked new. So, why would I pay more for the same product in even uglier and not practical packaging?

I really liked their old nail polishes. The formula was great on most of them and every now and then, they released a gorgeous shade I just had to buy. I don't think that will change, but I will think twice before buying anything.

Oh, I almost forgot. They decided to change their whole line/display appearance, but they didn't think of naming their shades. These numbers are getting really boring...

What do you think of this new S-he Stylezone look? Do you think I'm being too hard on them?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Glede novega izgleda S-he asortimana se čisto strinjam s tabo. Tudi moj fant je rekel, da ga spominja na lego kocke.
    Tudi jaz sem kupila en lak, da bi ga preizkusila in ker se mi zdi kvaliteta ista, mislim, da ne bom več tako pogosto kupovala S-he lakov kot nekoč.

  2. nice! I don't like the bottle change at all.

  3. Another 'to try' brand, I guess.
    I prefer names, not numbers in products too. They're easier to remember.
    Don't like the quantity-price change either. I hate when they do that. Mac did something similar with their pigments or so I've read.

  4. novi izgled još nije došao do hrvatske... ali ovaj lak izgleda fantastično!!!
    baš ljubazno od njih što su nas počastili novim, višim cjenama :-p

  5. Nope, you're not too hard on them. They should've made the packaging prettier...I hate it when it's ugly.

  6. I don't like these kinds of polishes, but I must admit that the creme polishes by She are very pretty and the formula is OK to. The packaging is awful, you're definitely not being too hard on them.

  7. I don't normally like black polishes, but this is quite pretty

  8. Like the black and gold glitter. Pretty.


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