Sunday, June 26, 2011

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - Smokestack

This is the polish I was wearing this week.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Smokestack, 2 coats

This shade is perfect for summer. It looks almost black indoors, but when the sun hits it, it shows it's true beauty. It's somewhere between blue and purple and it's absolutely stunning.

What do you think about wearing dark nail polish in the summer?

Thanks for looking!


  1. I don't see any problem with dark nail polish in the summer... i love to do it ( i am right now!) anyway I love this polish, another one to add to my wish list haha

  2. I wear it a lot.. as I'm usually more pale, than tanned, and I believe darker tones look better against my skintone. I usually avoid wearing pale shades and those which look better on tan, because they just look strange and make my hands look bad, or just plain.
    I recently fell in love with two Maybelline Colorama shades (it's quite cheap, but it lasts long on my nails, and also they're a little bit on the jelly side). I don't know how they're called outside Russia, and I guess that numbers are not the same worldwide.. One is dark red, leaning towards black, like vein blood, vampy. And another one is darker plum-violet shade, almost black.)

  3. Beautiful! I wear a mix of bright and dark colours all year, so I think dark colours are for all seasons :)

  4. I don't tend to wear a dark polish in the summer months, but sometimes one of my bottles just calls to me and I have to wear it... I tend to follow the mood of the moment

  5. I like dark polish in Summer. I tend to wear more lights and brights but there is definitely room for a good, deep shade now and again. I think that the intense sun this time of year is wonderful for showing off the often hidden depths of beautiful vampies.

  6. I'm currently waering a deep plum polish. Wear what you want when you want. Why not?

  7. @van-deik: I see what you mean. It really is better to wear the colors that suit you then follow trends blindly. I know Colorama polishes, but I don't like them that much. Yellies aren't my thing. =)

    @Pixie Polish: So do I! =)

    @VijiiS: Some people just follow trends and don't really do what they want to do. For them it's just brights in the summer and vampies in the winter. ;D

  8. I wear dark colors all year long. I have been wearing some light shades lately. I remember last year at this time everything I wore was dark. I thought some of my corals, pinks and neutrals needed some love.

  9. Are BPAL's polishes good? I mean, are they a good formula?


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