Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Day Out

My BF spoils me so much. :) On Wednesday we went to see the renewed Komenda castle.

Glasses: New Yorker, Top: Forever18, Pants: New Yorker, Shoes: no name, Bag: NKD

After that we went to the Grof Restaurant for dinner. I had gnocchi with pancetta, button mushrooms, rosemary and garlic. To die for!

Thank you for a great afternoon, honey! :*

Thanks for looking!


  1. Torbica mi je ful všeč! Sladoled pa bi tudi zdaj z veseljem snedla :)

  2. Joj Grof- toliko pohval sem slišala, pa še vedno nisem uspela pridit do tja :( Lepe slike!

  3. Njam, sem kar lacna ratala :D!
    Vsec so mi cevlji in torbica <3!

  4. yeah, you're wearing these cool shoes you wrote about some time ago. Love your outfit!

  5. How amazing! I love your pants so freakin' much!

  6. @Biba: Sladoled je bil res odličen. =)

    @With love, Ana: Jaz pa nisem slišala nobenih pohval. XD Je pa res, da se nisem z nikomer pogovarjala o Grofu. Ja, dobro hrano imajo. Priporočam.

  7. Got your great shoes on! Your looking so cool. Food looked delicious. I saw a program here in the States called House Hunters International. A British couple were looking for a home with lots of land in Slovenia. I've forgotten the towns name. The scenery is astounding. Mountains, rivers and hills. All that beautiful nature. You live in such a beautiful country. They bought a big stone house up in the hills right by the river. They were going to open it as a guest house. So beautiful. I think I would just stare out the windows all day. Must be gorgeous in the Winter also. I could just picture myself sitting on a blanket looking at the beauty of Slovenia. Wish I had the money to visit.

  8. Ugh, I LOVE your bag!! Very cute outfit :) Sounds like a great afternoon!

  9. I would have downed that pasta in 1 minute flat. Not enough! Love your shoes.


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